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7 Air Purifying Plants To Remove Harmful Indoor Toxins

Nowadays air purifying plants have gained special importance; they are the best and cheapest way to keep the indoor atmosphere as healthy.

A Day at the Polish Festival of India Tour

The Polish Festival of India tour led by Indradyumna Swami is now on. This video features some of the highlights of the 2013 tour.

Bhaktivedanta Players 30th Anniversary (1985- 2015)

This year marks the 30th Anniversary of the Bhaktivedanta Manor’s main drama group. It has been led chiefly by Jaya Krishna Das and Dwarka Puri das but over the years a great many other devotees of all ages and backgrounds have participated and given much of their time.

The Universality and the Variety of Suffering

Among the many games that the mind plays, comparison is one of its favorites – and one that is rarely favorable in terms of how it affects us. The mind will always find something with which to unfavorably compare our situation and make us miserable. 

Superconsciousness – The Voice Within Sixth Sense or Gut Instinct?

So often in routine life we experience phenomena unexplainable by the current western paradigm. What then to speak of understanding superconsciousness, a phenomenon we all experience throughout our lives.

BHAKTI – The transforming engine

From Chandramukha Swami

When BHAKTI enters FOOD,
FOOD becomes PRASAD,

When BHAKTI enters HUNGER,
HUNGER becomes a FAST,

When BHAKTI enters WATER,

When BHAKTI enters TRAVEL,

When BHAKTI enters MUSIC,

When BHAKTI enters a HOUSE,
HOUSE becomes a TEMPLE,


When BHAKTI enters in KARMA,


When BHAKTI enters a MAN,

MAN becomes HUMAN.

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The Lighthouse

Traveling Monk - Thu, 2015-07-09 23:19
The lighthouse in Niechorze, Poland on the Baltic Sea guided sailors safely to shore for centuries. Now Lord Caitanya’s samkirtan movement, in the form of our transcendental festival, is helping people to cross over the vast ocean of material existence. The two days we spent with our program next to the lighthouse attracted thousands and [...]
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Empowering our nature

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 26 April 2015, Radhadesh, Belgium, Vyasa Puja Morning Lecture, Caitanya Caritamrta Madhya Lila 24.124)

The reason why I brought this little bit of astrology into the lecture, is to point out that we have our nature. I will give an example of Krsna Ksetra Maharaj. I like to call him, “His Relaxedness.” Happy relaxedness! I have never seen Maharaj uptight in all these years. I am the opposite – I get uptight about things, all the time. Like these vyasa-pujas, they make me uptight. There are so many people and I have relationships with everybody and they are all here and they all want to talk to me. But how I am going to talk to all of them!? It is impossible. The only way I can talk to all of you, is through the microphone right now. That is about it, and here and there catch some of you but not all of you, because it is impossible. But I find that Krsna Ksetra Maharaj knows how to deal with everything in a relaxed way. I am learning from Maharaj, this art of becoming relaxed in Krsna’s service.

So our natures are different but still each of these natures has to be adjusted for the sake of Krsna. I realized, through many life experiences, that natures have their good sides and bad sides in devotional service, and that we have to use our natures to the advantage of Krsna. When you have a fiery nature, sometimes you have to just cool it. When you have a very cool nature, sometimes you need to get a bit hot for Krsna.

So we have to make adjustments for Krsna – whatever it is and whatever it takes. We have to have that willingness to be shaped – like chapati dough – into whichever forms are required. Just like a joker in the card game who can adjust to whatever card he is placed next to; he immediately takes on the qualities of the card he is next to. So we have to be like that for Krsna’s service. We have to be ready to change and to rise to the occasion, which means to do anything and everything that is required.

In the material world, you can say that you are not trained for that type of engagement but in Krsna consciousness that does not work because there is always that, “You just surrender, prabhu!” mantra. (laughter)

They ask you, “Can you cook?”
You reply, “Well, no. Not really…” 
“Oh, that is easy. Just put some water on the stove, some rice and this and that

Half an hour later, there is kitchari and one week later you are in charge of the kitchen! All in the name that Krsna will empower us. But it is true that Krsna will empower us and it is true that we depend on Krsna’s empowerment. Without the empowerment of Krsna, there is nothing we can do. Even with all the talents in the world – even if you can sing like a gandarva, not every morning you will wake up with the golden voice!

Krsna says, paurusham nrishu (Bhagavad-gita 7.8) – I am the ability in man. Everything is simply a gift from Krsna. Therefore, we are using our gifts and where we are not so gifted, we just try to do the best we can, in the hope that Krsna will help us. Therefore, Srila Prabhupada was saying that the word impossible exists only in the fool’s dictionary. By that, he was referring to the principle of empowerment and it is important that we contemplate this principle of empowerment.

Therefore, our limitations do not apply. Otherwise we start to thing logically, “I know myself. I am not a kid. I have been around. I am not new, you know. I know what I can do; I know what I cannot do. I know how I can stretch myself, but really certain things I know I just cannot do. Not necessarily! When the Krsna factor is there, then we can surprise ourselves, “I did not know I can do it!’ With Krsna’s help anything can be done.

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Please Join The Japa Group

Japa Group - Thu, 2015-07-09 17:45
Please share your realisations with other devotees from around the world...simply send me an introduction email and I will be happy to make you a member:

rasa108 ::_::{.at.}::_:: gmail dot com


Rasa Rasika dasa
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Memorable Moments of The Navadwip Parikrama 2015

This twenty-one-minute video shows carefully selected moments from ISKCON's International Navadwip Parikrama 2015. The event took place on 22-28 Feb, and was organised by the ISKCON World Headquaters at Mayapur Dhama. A video by Vasudev Das.

ISKCON Devotees Attend Rome Environmental Convergence

Young religious environmental leaders from around the world, including four ISKCON devotees, attended an environmental “convergence” and march in Rome at the end of June. The event was put on by Our Voices, a New Jersey based international organization created to encourage religious communities to put pressure on political leaders for the upcoming 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Young Indigenous Climate Activist's UN Speech on Climate Change

United Nations - Remarks by Xiuhtezcatl, indigenous climate activist and Youth Director of Earth Guardians at the opening segment of the High-level event of the United Nations General Assembly on Climate Change (29 June 2015).

Back To The Sound

Japa Group - Wed, 2015-07-08 19:07
By persistent effort we can bring ourselves back to the sound and continue to make progress.
The importance of hearing the Holy names cannot be overstated.
Hearing is the first process in devotional service and the most important.
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Protect your relationship

(Kadamba Kanana Swami, 12 June 2015, Bhaktivedanta Manor, United Kingdom, Srimad Bhagavatam 9.18.40)

Today, I am focusing on mercy, especially the mercy of the spiritual master who is in our life and connecting us with Krsna.

I am thinking now of Giriraja das brahmacari, at that time who was in Bombay, fighting the case with Mr. Nair over the land. At one point, Giriraja was in some public function where many dignitaries of Bombay were present. As he went back to the car, he stepped into the car and then suddenly this gorgeous, beautiful young lady sat right next to him. And not just next to him but really next to him!

His mind was affected and started spinning and he thought, “I am going to fall down. This is it. I am going to fall down.”

Then he thought, “No, but how could I? Prabhupada will be disappointed when he will hear about it.”

So this relationship saved him at that time. That lady was a prostitute sent by Mr. Nair… a Ramacandra Khan story. Anyway so, the protection of that relationship, of the personal relationship with the spiritual master, is not a luxury, it is our saving grace!

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England, June 2015: Recordings

Kadamba Kanana Swami visited England from 10-17 June and 29 June-02 July. Presented below are recordings and photos from his various engagements. We have published many articles previously describing the first part of Maharaj’s stay in England. Here is a list of them: Summary, London Ratha Yatra, Arrival Day and Chinese Sanga.



Visit Flickr to see more pictures.



KKS_UK_BM_11 June 2015_SB 9.18.38-39

KKS_UK_BM_12 June 2015_SB 9.18.40

KKS_UK_BM_14 June 2015_Special Ratha Yatra Class

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 1

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 2

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Vibhavari Sesa

KKS_UK_15 June 2015_House Program_Lecture_Vibhavari Sesa

KKS_UK_Soho_30 June 2015_BG 1.13-14

KKS_UK_BM_01 July 2015_SB 9.19.11

KKS_UK_01 July 2015_House Program_CC Madhya 9.81

KKS_UK_01 July 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 1

KKS_UK_01 July 2015_House Program_Kirtan_Part 2
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He's Coming! Ratha-Yatra: Festival of India - July 17-19, 2015

Srila Prabhupada’s mercy continues to bless and nourish our international movement in a myriad of ways, and the global Ratha-Yatras are indeed a prime example of but one such benediction.  Srila Prabhupada’s grace has transformed the once-rare opportunity to pull the ropes of the beautiful chariots of Lord Jagannatha, Lord Baladeva, and Lady Subhadra into an international phenomenon for devotees the world over.

We in Toronto’s Hare Krishna community are exceedingly fortunate to have had the opportunity to present this Ratha-Yatra festival for the past four decades where thousands enjoy the festival amidst the association of great Vaisnavas and ecstatic kirtans.

We would like to humbly invite everyone to join us this year, on July 18th-19th, 2015 for our 43rd Annual Ratha-Yatra here in Toronto.

Festivities will kick off on Friday, July 17th as we celebrate a 12-Hour Kirtan, featuring Madhava Prabhu, Agnideva das, Amala Kirtan das and more!  We will be blowing the roof off New Remuna Dhama (ISKCON Toronto) with this 12-hour kirtan marathon. Once again, the special event is planned for Friday, July 17th from 10:00am to 10:00pm. This kirtan event is not to be missed!

Of course, this precedes the big weekend!  Toronto’s Ratha-Yatra has the unique distinction of being accredited by Madhuha das, the organizer of the traveling Festival of India tour, as being the largest Ratha-Yatra in North America with close to 40,000 people in attendance and a veritable plethora of Srila Prabhupada’s books sold each year!

Some of the unique features of Toronto’s Ratha-Yatra include:

  • A Parade Right Through Downtown Toronto
  • A “Bhajan Kutir” with Non-Stop Kirtan
  • “Yoga Meltdown” – A Mini Yoga Festival
  • Live Cooking Demonstrations
  • Internationally-Acclaimed Arts & Entertainment and much more!

Most significantly, Toronto’s Ratha-Yatra presents a unique and wonderful outreach opportunity. Thousands of Torontonians observe the parade as it proceeds down Yonge Street and dance with us when the kirtan reaches its climax in the famous “Toronto Tunnel”.

Immediately following the parade, festival-goers enjoy a kirtan-filled ferry ride over to Centre Island, where celebrations continue for the rest of the weekend. While on Centre Island devotees will be able to enjoy the association of a number of distinguished personalities including: HH Bhaktimarga Swami, HH Candramauli Swami, HG Dravida Prabhu, HH Bhakti Vinod Swami, HG Krsnanadini Prabhu, HG Madhava Prabhu and many more! The Centre Island festival-pavilion will also host a children’s area featuring fun and wholesome, Vedic-themed activities and events.  All in all, Toronto's Ratha-Yatra will offer everyone a chance to experience a unique festival promoting simple-living and high-thinking, with kirtan on the streets, underground, and on the water!

We hope to see you at the big event!  Hare Krishna!!!
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