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Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science

Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science

An Investigation into the Nature of Consciousness and Form
by Dr. Richard L. Thompson

Modern science theorizes that humans are simply a chemical machine, a device to produce more genes like themselves. This theory is challenged here with sound scientific evidence.

The problem with the scientific theory that everything has a basis in a chemical reality is consciousness. Consciousness is a concept scientists continue to grabble with as they attempt to fit it into their scientific theories.

But consciousness isn’t a neat fit into chemistry and physics. It is not amenable to a molecular explanation. But an explanation it needs.

Explore the fascinating journey of a scientist exploring consciousness in mechanistic and nonmechanistic terms.

Mechanistic and Nonmechanistic Science, Softbound

Softbound Edition

  • Softbound; 254 pages; 15.2 x 22.9 (centimeters); 6 x 9 (inches)
  • illustrations throughout; index
  • Publisher: The Bhaktivedanta Book Trust; First issue: 1981
  • Suggested Audience: Advanced

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ISBN: 0-89213-148-9
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