Passing time


The Bhagavat [scripture]tells us that
both the rising and setting sun
decrease the lives of all, save those
who are endeavoring for Krishna.

Spiritual poetry of scripture
calls our attention to lessons in
the world, which speaks differently
to the devotee than the materialist.

Thus as we live, work, and observe
the world we have to do so
in a way that reminds us who we
are and our relationship to Krishna.

Beautiful fall weather
the people relieved and happy
free from summer's heat--
change is in the air.

Shifting gears the Earth
preparing for winter turns
leaves to brown, yellow, red, orange
to announce to us to prepare.

First frost was only a tease
so our flowers still smile even
knowing few days remain to
live, giving seeds for next year.

Seasons final load of wood
partially stacked, as we slowly
finish day by day; chimney cleaned,
fire box empty, waiting for 1st fire.

Perhaps today's the grasses final mow--
yuk!, the roar of the lawn tractor
mentally chanting Hare Krishna
reminds me to offer work as service.

Sitting in the gazebo, late afternoon
the smell of cut grass, ears ringing
fading into the blowing wind, amidst
the sound of rustling, falling, swirlin' leaves.

Some can't stand the country's quite
and different sounds, not knowing how to
listen to the natural music of Nature
or how to appreciate life's simple pleasures.

Other signs of fall here are
hundreds of migrating black birds
flying and chirping; the invasion
of lady bugs coming inside.

Though a city transplant
still working and shopping there,
my home is our peaceful country
Temple so good for prayer.

My intellect is stimulated by work
and my Internet writing and blogs,
though my heart is in Krishna's country
as I aspire to live in rural Vrindavana [Krishna's abode].

Lost in thought, relaxing my muscles
the late afternoon chill refreshing as
the darkness comes sooner now telling
me to shower, offer a song and candle
to Lord Damodar [child Krishna] for this auspicious month.

Combined comments from old site

Thu, 10/23/2008 - 13:28 — Go-Seva
I can really relate, as I am in the country, too.

You are always able to articulate aspects of my family's life here as well. I feel that I am in good company, and very fortunate.

Thanks! Hare Krsna _/\o_

Wed, 10/22/2008 - 01:27 — anonymous
Hare Krsna prabhu. thank u

Hare Krsna prabhu. thank u for sharing with us such beautiful poetry... U really are inspiring us, by showing us how to use our intelligence in Krsna's service.
and of course, being a poet is one of the 26 qualities of a devotee...:-)