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Dear God Please Help me: Lessons from the Aging Body


My promised abode of happiness
& fulfillment is revealing its true colors
with slaps to my face--ow,
planned bodily obsolescence revealed!

Dear God please help me
Dear God please help me
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
chanting toward the wood pile.

Darkness has fallen felling
like a blanket making
the yard small; another world
existing only as far as the lights.

I have mentioned my gratitude
for each step taken,
but not why?--no cartilage
left in my knees.

Pain is increasing in degree
though thankfully tolerable
two year old diagnosis with
remedy of 2 knee replacements.

My promised abode of happiness
& fulfillment is revealing its true colors
with slaps to my face--ow,
planned bodily obsolescence revealed!

Krishna uses many teaching methods--
hearing scriptures and saints is best
though for most, the Hard Knock University
of miserable direct experience is required.

Law of Compensation teaches us:
with anything taken away
something else is given; the body
dwindles, Krishna's shelter brighter.

Honestly I don't like it--
diminished mobility, strength
forgetting things, "enjoyment" lessons
yet I smile at worldly futility.

The mind's sensual desires, to enjoy
fame for piety, good works
wanting to be special, most dear
leaving a legacy to be sung.

Truly "All is Vanity" in the ego's
world of selfishness, exploitation
where it is folly to be wise
[and to enjoy] ignorance is bliss.

Though devotees may stumble, fall
at a certain point, our spiritual taste
can't be forgotten, though we seek escape
Krishna, his philosophy are everywhere.

Every person, circumstance or
stage of life can be a guru for us
as our service is never forgotten
the world reminds us of our Source.

For unlimited births we have
tried everything possible to
make this world lasting, joyful
but eventually we get kicked out.

Now we have a chance to progress
to our true home, Krishna's abode--
time is ticking, life is short
every moment we show what we value.

In one life we will finish
our material sojourn--
will it be this one or
do we have other priorities?

Who is old?
A person who is about to die
this is true for all--everyone is old
remembering this, call out the Name.

Like the desperate cry of
child for it's mother, call
out to Krishna, the real friend
to please help you awaken!


Combined comments from old site

Thu, 12/11/2008 - 04:00 — Tribhangi
very good

In short sentences you have pretty much summed it all up! very good! thank you