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Makin' devotees - A baby announcement


Before the grand birthday ceremony tomorrow for our father, mother, support, creator, best friend forever, and mischief maker, Lord Sri Krishna I would like to share one small announcement.

My wife is pregnant with baby number #2.

Please, please, pray that we may have a healthy Vaishnava.

Thank you

Your humble servants,

Nityananda Chandra Das

Krishna Mangala Devi Dasi

Visakha Anjali Devi Dasi

Krishna Mangala n Visakha n Me


Tue, 08/18/2009 - 12:31 — NityānandaChandra

NityānandaChandra's picture

Thank you everyone for your

Thank you everyone for your blessings

Tue, 08/18/2009 - 09:33 — PMC

PMC's picture

Sri Radhe Shyam

May Sri Krishna shower his blessing on ur next child

Sun, 08/16/2009 - 05:37 — chandruq8

chandruq8's picture

so nice

its so nice to see family of krishna bhaktas. i pray Lord Krishna to shower his blessings for your 2nd child.

Your servant


Sat, 08/15/2009 - 00:57 — thirtho

thirtho's picture


may krishna will come agian as ur second child

hare krishna

Wed, 08/12/2009 - 22:30 — Jagadisha Das

Jagadisha Das's picture

Great news !

HARIBOL! You have my prayers and very best wishes Prabhu! May Krishna continue to Bless your family!!!