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The Power of Grace in Our Meeting our Guru


[republished from 08-15-2009]

When the student is ready
the guru is sent to help--
by the grace of Shri Krishna
our spiritual life revived.

Wandering by karma
throughout the vast Universe
sometimes as a great demigod
down to a lowly bug.

Out of thousands and millions
of lost souls transversing bodies
one is especially blessed
to receive the seed of Bhakti.

Then life after life
spiritual progress is made
until one loves Krishna completely
having no need for the world.

Everything begins by a saint's blessing
sometimes unknowingly given--
when good company is kept
one's nature and interest is changed.

Like a cold iron rod
placed in roaring fire
gradually heating to red-hot
non-different from fire.

That fire continues to blaze
consuming all fuel
until all karma is finished
& one offers one's entire self.

How long the process takes
depends on how urgent our necessity,
whether one is detoured by offenses
becoming cold, or making the fire blaze.

This fire is kept alive
by offenseless hearing and chanting
of the holy name and scriptures,
humbly serving Guru and Krishna.

Both grace and effort are required
as we endeavor our best
yet we humbly acknowledge
that mercy is always essential.

Our spiritual life began by grace:
sustained by our spiritual practice (a blessing)
our ability to stay the course (effect of grace),
& finally, we move to Krishna, by grace.

Combined comments from old site

Fri, 08/21/2009 - 22:16 — abrennan
Amazing Grace

Without the grace of the Lord and the Guru we are no-where at all. Without their grace we can make no real progress at all. Yet there is an effort that we must apply, there are activties that we must apply.

Would you say it is our part to attract the attention of Krishna of the Guru?


Sat, 08/22/2009 - 20:14 — Karnamrita.das
Attracing Grace?!

Although in the main sense, grace or mercy is thought of as being causeless or undeserving. At the same time Krishna does see our endeavor and becomes attracted to our sincerity and eagerness for him, as well as our humility and feeling dependent on him.

We should not think like a business person, that we are exchanging with Krishna one thing for another--I have done so much for you Lord, so you owe me. No, not like that. Yet eventually we attract Krishna's attention by our service to our guru and the Vaishnavas. And somehow if Radha becomes pleased with us, then she will canvas on our behalf to Krishna.

So in a sense we are positioning our selves for being in line for mercy, though we can't demand is really funny, because there are so many ways to talk about this. In other places we do have to expect Krishna's mercy and protection. We just can't be fruitive about our service. We have to serve to please Guru and Krishna, and leave everything to them. We do our best, knowing that all results come from Krishna. Fascinating topic.

Your friend in Krishna,



Wed, 08/26/2009 - 09:14 — abrennan
This nice quote comes from Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu

Srila Prabhupada quotes this in his purport to BG 7.3

"No one can understand Kṛṣṇa as He is by the blunt material senses. But He reveals Himself to the devotees, being pleased with them for their transcendental loving service unto Him." (Bhakti-rasāmṛta-sindhu 1.2.234)

I thought it seemed to apply and I thought of sharing it with you when I read it.

Keep up the wonderful job

Radhe Radhe

Sun, 08/16/2009 - 02:23 — chandruq8
its blessings to remain in Krishna Consciousness

Purely by the grace of Krishna with the help of Prabhu I could able to attend the satsanghs in his vehicle. Thats the turning point for me since i dont have the vehicle here in kuwait. Now my interests and passions are changed towards Krishna Consciouness and started chanting and seeing videos of Srila Prabhupad and attending Satsanghs on Friday and changing myself more towards Krishna Prayers.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

Sat, 08/15/2009 - 16:19 — Aruna Locana
Nice Prayers

Dear Karnamrta Prabhu,

Thanks for those nice prayers, my favorite is the following:

This fire kept alive
by offenceless hearing and chanting
the holy name and scriptures
humbly serving guru and Krishna.

your servant

Aruna devi