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Woodrow Dance Party and AZITIZ

Woodrow High School
Woodrow High School came to the temple today for a field trip. Woodrow is a local public school about 5 minutes from Kalachandji's Some of the devotees go to the school as well.

First we gave them a very short introduction to Srila Prabhupada and the temple. Then Haridas started it off with a short bhajan. After that bhajan we taught them the Maha Mantra so that they could sing along. After everyone was singing we then had some dance lessons, Swami Step, then as the kirtan progressed we all just went wild.

Then we had a great lunch in the restaurant with questions and answers. This was followed by a photo shoot outside in front of Tamal Krishna Goswami's Samadhi

As the students got on the bus they all remarked about how much fun that they had.  One girl said, "I going to be singing that song (Hare Krishna Maha Mantra) all day long." another student wrote me this, "i liked it. it was the best part of the field trip"

After the school visit I was pleasantly surprised to see Lalita Garrett, hip hop star of AZITIZ.  She was on tour in Dallas for hip hop shows.  She lead a wonderful kirtan accompanied by Sri Rupa who originally learned mrdanga from her.  She said it was her first time playing harimonium in 4 years. 
Kalachandji Kirtan


AZITIZ - Aishman Baba