Relationships are Everything

The Importance of EQ
[Originally published on Dec 9th, 2009]
Some complain
about getting along
with others
who cause them
many problems—
ah, if they
could only be alone
they could experience
some peace and quite—
but really we are all
relational creatures
as is all existence,
conscious or inert
if we really study
the universe:

Solar Eclipse
Everything has
its component parts
from solar systems and planets
to the elements composing them
earth, water, fire, air, space
living things, celestial bodies
cells, DNA, atoms, molecules
mountains, streams, valleys
plains, deserts, oceans
all having meaning
by comparison
and relationship to.
Whatever we see
or experience is
in relationship
to something else
as nothing stands alone
though all is one in Krishna
he manifests form and variety
and we cannot, not be
in correspondence to
another part,
even a speck.
Our spouse knows how to push our buttons
To master oneself
or our life
we must master
seeing them as life’s
building blocks
the key to happiness
and fulfillment
as mirrors
to help us
look at ourself.
Pure children
We are interdependent,
independence is illusion
from any angle of vision
whether atomic or universal
the ultimate truth being
we are part of Krishna
who is the center
of our center
life of our life
soul of our souls
the glue which
causes things to
relate to things,
parts to parts
people to people.
Our potential to help one another
True lasting happiness
is playing the part
we were designed
to play
in loving service
to our Source
and more intimately,
the Lord of our hearts.
Our principle forms
of God, Radha-Krishna
who are never alone
always surrounded
by loving servants
friends, parents, lovers—
every type of relationship
finds its rest in them.
Our pure nature
Now we have to practice
relating to other
people and devotees
whether a spouse, child
friend, boss, guru,
teacher, student,
antagonist, all for
relationship practice
to be loving, kind
choosing to find
the good, not seeing
the blemishes as who
they—or we— really are.
Can't escape
Can’t escape others
by false renunciation
since we must learn
how to get along
with all types of
from the lowest
mean selfish conditioning
to the great souls—
all can be our teachers
with the potential
to help uncover
our sleeping soul
or show us
what we need
to be purified from
learning that without
relationships we
can’t exist
whether in this
world or the next.
Gopa Kumara Returns to Krishna

Prabhu I found this link of

Prabhu I found this link of your blog through your post on FB :-) Indeed renuncation doesn't make sense unless we see everything in relation to Krsna. Krsna gives us free will and so many opportunities, to associate with devotees and so on.. it is upto us how we utilise every moment and opportunity to learn, feel and share His love with others in right consciousness understanding our own position. Rupa Goswami's Nectar of instructions has also so beautifully covered how we can be in sweet loving exchanges which help in spiritual advancement and be a better person and hence better relationships. The deep gratitude and sincerity for Krsna and Vaishnavas, in our hearts certainly helps. ys

Combined comments from old site

Thu, 11/19/2009 - 16:45 — ekbhaktin8
Nice blog

Thank You for this blog Prabhuji.

Relationships connect us to others thru' Krshna.
Because there is Krshna behind every soul and everything, and every soul and everything and every phenomenon is His child.

Our personal relationship with Krshna immediately brings the required dettachment in relationships. Its because of this detachment, and Krshna in the heart that we can ultimately have good relations with others , by thinking more about them and not about ourselves. Basically it means Krshna brings us to a state where we have no expectations from anyone - is what i think.

Hare Krshna


Fri, 11/20/2009 - 12:25 — Karnamrita.das
Interesting points

You brings up some interesting points. I think relationships help us in a number of ways. We relate to others in relationship to Krishna--they are his part are parcel--and through devotees of Krishna we come closer to Krishna. Then when we encounter difficulties in our relationships with devotees, we see how generous is Bhaktidevi (that potency of Krishna who enables us to take up the path) in coming to us and others. Bhakti is not dependent on morality or knowledge to manifest, she goes where she wants, though mostly through the agency of an advanced devotee. It is an amazing quality of bhakti, though it can be disconcerting to see behavior that is inappropriate for a devotee.

In the spiritual world devotees have love for each other that is favorable for their love for Krishna--who is their primary love. We are endeavoring for that, yet it takes time and spiritual advancement to uncover our love for Krishna and really put him first in our life and relationships. Materialistic love is possessive and centered around what is pleasing to us, whereas spiritual love is unconditional and centered around Krishna's service.

Personally, I don't know if it is possible to have no expectations in our relationships unless one is an uttama or the highest devotee, though we should aspire for this. One principle of surrender is to accept whatever is favorable and reject whatever is unfavorable for bhakti. We are endeavoring and praying to not see anyone or anything as an object of our exploitation, and as you mentioned it is process of gradual unfoldment.

Your friend in Krishna,



Fri, 11/20/2009 - 19:08 — jivatattva

"We are interdependent,
independence is illusion
from any angle of vision
whether atomic or universal"

Just like in Vedic astrology mixtures of primordial forces create unique manifestations, and the understanding of relationships is the real intuitive knowledge.

Personality mixture is dynamic energy - we see this (and hear it) in musical groups, personalities express through dynamic interaction --

not trying to solo over your blog line bro, just walking out that riff a little more


Sat, 11/21/2009 - 07:30 — Karnamrita.das
In this together

JT, I am always gladdened to have comments which show people are reading and thinking about the meaning. In anything we write much can be unpacked that we might not have seen ourself, so that is what the comments are for, so I hardily thank you. I am endeavoring to be a servant, and I know that I can be also be corrected. So I don't mind that either. In the material world one line of thinking is that you get ahead by stepping on the heads of others, but spiritual progress is just the opposite. Like Bali Maharaja we bow down to have Krishna or his pure devotees step on our head! I am not saying to do this artificially and by imitation let others walk on us, but it is a cultivated mood of surrender and humility. That is one meaning of offering obeisances to each other--to honor the divinity of each other and see that the body is the Temple of the soul and the Lord in the Heart!

Your friend in Krishna,