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0 People don't care to know how much you know, they want to know how much you care. - @Advaitacarya Das [15:02:55]

Zero has no value. But you bring one by the side of zero, it becomes ten times beautiful, immediately. [14:25:27]

We say "sunshine," not "shine." Sunshine. Therefore as soon as there is consciousness, it must be Krsna consciousness. [13:26:06] When you are accustomed to see, as soon as you close your eyes, immediately see Krsna's feet, then you (can) go further [07:10:18] Krishna Conscious Bon fire [04:03:40]

Servant of Nama -holy name -ruci taste Nama include all Krishna- Nama Ruci Das - Richie [03:39:25]

Servant of the Queen of Varshana Radha & Kirtida- Varshanirani Dasi- Bhagavati from Houston [03:34:27]

Kalindi Dasi - Lindy servant of Kalindi onenof the most merciful personalities the servant of the husband of the goddess of fortune Madhava Das - Michael [03:26:15]

Sundari Priya Devi Dasi servant of most beautiful Gopi Radharani - Vrindas mom [03:23:41] 9 ppl getting initiated Giriraj S & Indradyumna Swamis [01:14:04] 'Book distribution eradicates miseries' class by Danakeli Prabhu. Wonderful class [00:19:48] "Spiritual means to remember Krishna, Material means to forget Krishna" -Srila Prabhupada quoted by -Urjasvat Prabhu [00:17:59]

I rated a YouTube video (5 out of 5 stars) -- Queen Kunti's Prayers [00:01:14] Initiation Ceremony tonight by Giriraj Swami & Indradyumna Swami everyone is invited, or watch live. @ 6pm!!!!!!!!!!!! [23:11:58] HH Indradyumna Swami is giving class & HH Giriraj Swami & HH Guru Prasad Swami are also in the temple room [13:40:40] [05:05:34]

Reading ?r?mad Bhagavatam 1 Canto 9th Chap http://www.srimadbhagava[05:05:31]

Got a good yoga class lined up for tonight [00:28:51] Guru Prasad Swami is giving class [14:09:58]