Catching a Glimpse of a Soul Perspective


A glimer of light
Sometimes we catch a glimpse of a deep realization. We may call them “realizations” but they aren’t if they don’t last and make a permanent impact on our life. Thus I called it a glimpse. While chanting this morning I had some understanding of my tiny insignificance, the degree of my fallen condition in comparison to my eternal spiritual, blissful nature. If only this small beam of light would be part of my total, and permanent enlightened state! Whatever it is, I am grateful for any glimpse of truth. Deep, spiritual, eternal humility comes from realizing the greatness of Krishna who is compared to the grandest sun, and seeing the disparity to our spark-like existence. To our false ego this doesn’t sound very flattering, yet spiritually it is a blissful understanding, and materially a great relief!
Mechanical body

In fact the smallness of my existence is such a contrast to the bigness of my illusion. This illusion is from my ego’s conception of who I am based on my inflated, selfish view of the body. It means thinking myself very important, taking credit for any small activity I perform, and being critical or intolerant of others whose actions don’t conform to my standards. Alas for bodily, material consciousness! How proud and how violent to others!

I, the tiny spark of Krishna, one ten thousandth the tip of a hair, and am puffed up with the importance of my body, thoughts, desires, feelings and activities! And I will only like you if you agree with my conceptions!

I, the infinitesimal soul, who am ignorant that I live only by or through the mercy of God! I have no power of my own because I am totally dependent on the Lord.

Though I have an eternal identity or sense of personal existence, in truth there is only God and his energy, which for me is Krishna and Radha or Gaura Nitai and their devotees and potencies. Krishna means God and his energies or saktis. God and his energies are one, yet different. As a part of God I am naturally meant to serve his purpose. Truly his purpose is my purpose, yet I want my selfishness to be supreme. Just as the finger is meant to serve the interest of the whole body, so our natural position is to serve the Supreme Whole.

Although from one perspective I don’t deserve to have an existence by my current activities and mentality, the Lord mercifully maintains and loves me, and everyone. I live at the cost of so many living beings. The only way to truly accept this fact and properly reciprocate is to be always engaged in the Lord’s devotional service. When Krishna is satisfied we are satisfied, and everyone is satisfied! Without this realization and acting on the basis of it, our existence is meager and really has no meaning. What meaning does the sun ray have with out the sun, the tree without the root, the body without the stomach, the drop without the ocean, or an infant without his parents or guardians?

Everyone naturally yearns and searches for meaning in their lives, and this is it! Without God I am nothing, but I think myself self-sufficient! Only by service to God, devotees and living beings in general will we realize lasting happiness and fulfillment.
a spot of tea
From the spiritual perspective, worldly Godless existence is such a farce, such an embarrassment for the soul. The soul, who is self-effulgent, eternal, full of love and light, ecstatically blissful in service to God, and with complete knowledge and satisfaction has settled for a dark, temporary, miserable existence. And our ego tells us that material life is "normal"--this is called being a conditioned soul, conditioned to the restrictions of matter.

How incomparably inferior, meager, limited and useless is a life devoid of the vision and service of our Supreme beloved, our dear-most friend and well-wisher. If only we could embrace the spiritual reality as our true nature and goal of our life. Life is more then the physical and we are more then just the body and mind. This life seems real because behind it is the power and energy of God, and it is a perverted reflection of the spiritual dimension--like a tree reflected upside down on a lake.

Of course we are on the path of realizing this. Talk is easy, yet we have to begin wherever we are, and take baby steps if necessary. We have to understand the shortcomings of matter and gain a higher taste of the spiritual through chanting the holy name, hearing the Lord's lila or divine activities, and engaging in service to Lord's Deity form and his advanced devoted servants.
Mahaprabhu reveals himself to Mayavadis
The bleak picture of material life is not meant to make us feel bad or discourage us from living life. It is meant to give us pause, and help us see the world in perspective. Detachment or stepping back from life is highly valued in Vedic literature because then we can gain perspective. Otherwise we may be too close to life to see it for what it is—we won’t see the "forest for the trees". So we need to cultivate detachment guided by Vedic knowledge. Spiritual philosophy helps us to refrain from activities not in our spiritual best interest.

On the path of Bhakti our detachment from the world is also a by-product of our attachment for Krishna. So what is the cause of bondage—attachment—is also the cause of liberation. Attachment to the world keeps us in the world, and attachment for Krishna brings us to Krishna. Our goal in life as followers of Shri Chaitanya is not Krishna, but love of Krishna. If we love Krishna, then we are with him wherever we are. Just like if you love someone, seeing anything that belongs to them makes you remember them, especially in their absence.

We don’t desire “mukti” or freedom from the world as do the jnani's or students of Vedanta, but we aspire only for “bhakti” eternal loving service to Krishna. Then for a devotee, the world is no longer miserable, but an abode of joy, and becomes a friendly place for service and sharing our love and service for our dear most beloved! Love of Krishna transforms us and the whole world...and thus we have come full circle from how we began the blog! From the agony to the ecstasy! Hare Krishna!
Archana is bathed by Deities and their sunLord Gaura Nitai like the sun on the world

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Sat, 04/17/2010 - 21:08 — Samadhi-Radha
well written!

How can one have a glimpse of the soul and not be transformed forever or not have a lasting impact?! It's impossible. It etches your soul and stays with you forever. Caroline Myss says, "If a person had a genuine experience of God, their spiritual life would be their priority not a weekend seminar. Their spiritual life would be an absolute priority, they would in no way negotiate their time with the divine. And it would be a pleasure not a burden, it would be a passion.”

I found this to be extremely true. God… even just a glimpse sends one on a search for everlastingness.

Teresa of Avila said even if god enters the walls of your soul even just once that is good enough for the rest of your life.

In Osho’s book The True Name he talks about when one realizes how great god is you see yourself so lowly you feel guilty for ever putting your self on pedestals. Buddha did not even utter a word because of this. (if I remember correctly) This is not a direct quote but it is a close summary. I’ve found this to be true as well. We are fallen into these material entanglements according to our desires. We are weak beings without the Lord. In a most recent blog of mine on another site I basically said no matter what gifts we have from the lord we are all babies. We are no Jesus or Buddha and humility brings us up from walking on all fours to on our knees. How great humility is!

Thank you for sharing

Hare Krishna!


Sun, 04/18/2010 - 11:58 — Karnamrita.das

Our enthusiasm for practicing bhakti is one of the most important qualities that are favorable for our spiritual advancement along with endeavoring with confidence, being patient, following the guidelines for bhakti, giving up unfavorable association, and following the footsteps of those previous teachers are very advanced--and I know you are very enthusiastic. I appreciate it very much and the points you have made. The more we become conversant in Krishna consciousness the more we will be able to evaluate the many teaching in the spiritual market places. Truth is truth wherever we find it, yet we are especially interested in that Truth which is most favorable to helps us make advancement in serving and loving Krishna.

I also read Carolynn Myss and consider her a very spiritual person. She seems to get more spiritual with every book she writes, and I think her latest book, "Defy Gravity" very valuable. At the same time I take more stock in our Bhakti scriptures and in the mature deliberation of great saints with feeling for Krishna. Of course we may be inspired from many people and even things of the world that point our way to Krishna, and you will have to sort all this out as you make progress.

I think you will find that there are many layers to our unfolding. We may have a good understanding of our self in our late teens or twenties that works for us and helps us advance, yet discover later on that there are things about ourselves that we hidden to us. Generally we can't deal with the whole pie all at once, so we do step by step.

And so it is with humility--their are many stages, from material humility to spiritual. Beginning humility is the absence of the enjoying spirit, whereas spiritual humility is to realize one's ineligibility seeing oneself as tiny as the straw or grass on the ground. Though there are many stages, sometimes we are given a special insight or spiritual taste to encourage us, that doesn't last but yet we can't forget.

As recounted in the Shrimad Bhagavatam, Narada Muni in his previous life was impelled by devotee association and the death of his mother to meditate on the Lord of the heart. The Lord appeared personally to him and spoke to him, and then disappeared. Krishna then told him that He had disappeared to increase Narada's desire to obtain Krishna. Narada wasn't advanced enough to constantly behold the Lord and the Lord encouraged him to know that the more we hanker for God the more we make progress. So we all can do our best to understand and obtain intense eagerness for spiritual progress and serve to our Guru and Krishna.

Your friend in Krishna,



Sun, 04/18/2010 - 20:20 — ekbhaktin8
Do babies know what Humility is

>> We find we are the straw , blade of grass , ineligible
Samadhi Radha says >> we are babies

Isn't it wonderful to be the Lord's baby and take all the time to grow up ? Does the baby understand any such concept of 'humility' , doership - kartrutva , etc. ?
Oh but she does understand how to give and take Love, Delight and ecstacy.

The baby just gets carried around and suddenly puts a piece of mithaai (milk sweet) in KRshNa's mouth, or runs to Him with a flower - "This is for you" , and its KRshNa's turn to be ecstatically in tears. The baby sings to KRshNa in her sweet broken language and its KRshNa's turn to laugh and cry. He holds her tiny hand and looks at it - how tiny , little fingers, how delicate the baby is. Its just too much for Him. He pets, hugs the baby and takes her home.

Reverse the roles , and its Yashoda with her Damodar - KAnhA.

Like in Shri VaishNava parampara, the 2 kinds of surrender - "prApatti"

1. Be the kitten (marjara) that gets carried by the Cat in Her mouth, totally oblivious to anything, completely relying on the Cat to do whatever with her.

2. Be the monkey who hangs on to Mother, but its monkey's job to make sure he does not fall.

I like kitten because of the kind of surrender it is. There is absolutely no "to dos" and doership , not even worrying about falling off. Yet its natural for the kitten to love the Cat. Its indescribable - being the Lord's kitten - of 15days, or 1-2-3-4-5 yrs...

An infant is oblivious to praise or blame

To stone or gold, pride or fame

She is unaware of her existence

As seperate from the Mother

Does she know the letter "I" ?

Any more than stars in the sky ?

I feel like a toddler with a play kitchen set

You graciously accept "treats" from your pet

No matter how turns out the food

"Mmmm", You say, "This is good!"
No matter how zigzag the haar (garland)
Proudly You flaunt it in lanes so long
No matter how the song and dance
Clapping You give a standing ovation
Tears and hugs sending both in a trance.....

Hare KRshNa


Sat, 04/24/2010 - 18:22 — aspire

i especially like your example of "kitten" surrender. it really IS the way it is. if only i could always be aware of it. (like your poem too)

Jaya Radhe! Yashodanan! Govindam!


Sun, 04/25/2010 - 06:35 — ekbhaktin8

Thank You Aspire

Now to reverse the topic,
I know you like to hear these things, so...

It must have been 3 or 4 am the other day ,
a sound thap thap thap ....
like that of a toddler running
- who ? .... it was BAlKRshNa.
He cuddled up next to me
- so now He wants to be only the baby for a while
- He does that now and then

Hare KRshNa


Mon, 04/26/2010 - 09:30 — aspire
aww, so beautiful! *faints*

aww, that is so SO beautiful! i cannot tell you how beautiful that is...thank you so SO much !!! PAMHO! AGTSP!

how could anyone NOT be madly in love with Him?

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna, Krishna Krishna Hare Hare, Hare Rama Hare Rama, Rama Rama Hare Hare!


Tue, 04/27/2010 - 12:47 — ekbhaktin8
Please accept my humble obeissances

Hare KRshNa