Kind To Those Surrendered To Him

Hare Krishna. Today is the first day of a very important month, its the month which will be celebrated the appearance day of Lord Nrsimhadeva. We all know that kids like to pray to this specific form of the Lord and because I have boys they usually pray for the Lord every day and also when they see I am feeling sick they pray so the Lord can protect me and the family.

We developed a deep relationship with the Lord in this form and Advaita is able to explain this pastime of the Lord very nicely, the boys also usually make bhajans singing the mantra of Lord Narasimha and offer fruits and incenses during the week. Every single day when I wake up I am grateful for the day and pray to the Lord to protect me so I chant some rounds and when I close my door to go to work I start singing the prayers of Lord Nrsimhadeva and keep this bhajan until I take the bus, so I feel protected and for the entire day I feel the Lord near me, by the end of the night before going to bed I again pray to Him and ask for protection and for His blessings to the following day.

Today I was trying new recipes and offered the Lord a Trifle, a preparation made of sponge cake, fruits, nuts and cream. It looked nice, even though I would like to improve it more to offer Him a much better sweet on His appearance day. I can't say much about the my relationship with the Lord in this form, the only thing I remember everyday is that He is my protector and my friend and He is really loving like He was to Prahlada Maharaja. Here follows some verses of the Narasimha Sahasra Nama Stotram by Vysadeva Prelude Obeisances: Om! I invoke the name of the half-man half-lion, the great lion, the divine lion, the greatly powerful, the terrifying lion, the lord of lords! Refrain: Glories to Lord Nrsimha, Sri Nrsimha, All Glories to Lord Nrsimhadeva. The Lord of Prahlada, like a honeybee, is always engaged in beholding the lotuslike face of the goddess of fortune.

1) Glories to the half-man half-lion, the great lion, the divine lion, the greatly powerful, the terrifying lion, the lord of lords, the lord appeared from the pillar with terrifying eyes. 2) Glories to the Lord who is angry, wonderful in everyway, beautiful, source of yogic bliss, Vamana (three great steps), takes our troubles away, roaring (Varahadeva), who carries the disk, always victorious, and increasing glories. 3) Glories to the five-headed Lord, Supreme Absolute Truth, not horrible, terrifying activities, effulgent face, with effulgent garland, most effulgent, Supreme Master (not different than Lord Caitanya).

4) Sri Nrsimhadeva possesses all good (moral) qualities, is thousand-eyes, difficult to see (difficult to look at), oppresses His enemies with great heat, great teeth, intelligent in battle (ready to fight), angry moon, and is all auspicious. 5) He destroys Hiranyakasipu, destroys masses of demon and giants, wonderful qualities (gentleman!), very auspicious, auspiciously powerful, extremely auspicious. 6) Oh one with wide open mouth, with very wide open mouth, who performs wonderful activities, who performs ALL activities, Matsya, Soul of the three worlds, controller, supreme controller, and the best. 7) He causes terror by roaring in the sky, divine, infallible, intelligent (poet), husband of Laksmi, beyond understanding (or explaining), infallible, everything

8) He wears garland of forest flowers, grants boons, maintains the universe, wonderful, determines the future, He is the future, all pervading, Supreme Enjoyer, never wounded by weapons, with nails for weapons, source of Suns rays, and Lord of devatas 9) Thousand-armed all-knowing, awards all perfections, lightning-like teeth, lightning like nails, source of supreme bliss, source of all energy (heat). 10) Although one, he appears as the many mantras, He destroys all machines (demoniac arrangements), the essence of all tantras, unmanifest, wonderfully manifest, kind to His devotee 11) He appeared during waxing moon of Visakha, kind to those surrendered to Him, universally famous, essence of piety, great personality, moonlike performer of great deeds 12) He is the three Vedas, supreme worshipable, Supreme Personality of Godhead, Supreme Controller, marked with sign of Laksmi, pervades the entire universe, makes the material world seem real 13) Protector of the universe, Lord of Universe, moves in the air, has double form (man-lion), Supersoul, source of Brahma, transcendental qualities (not part of material nature), man-lion 14) Supreme Absolute Truth, Supreme Abode, Form of eternal knowledge and bliss, Man-Lion Form together with Laksmi-devi, universal soul, sober (never bewildered), protector of Prahlada Maharaja. 15) Thus conclude the versified prayer of the one-hundred eight names of Sri Sri Laksmi Nrsimhadeva. It is recommended that devotees chant this three times a day.

I offer my obeisances unto the lotus feet of Lord Narasimha that is my daily protector . May you all the blessed by His mercy and protected by His presence. your servant, Aruna devi