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The Soul Sorting Out Physical Realms


Lotus on the water/not in it
Soul within physical realms
planes within dimensions
levels within worlds
episodes within time
assignments within missions
travels within journeys.

Sitting in the living room
thinking of my 7 week visit
winding down while mountain gazing
the last legalities finalized
death certificate received
understanding the Will and adjusting.

After traveling to New Dwarka
the Prabhupada Festival,
to Carpenteria by the ocean
to visit Giriraja Swami and friends
we make the drive back to the desert
greeted by mountains and sad memories.

Surrounded by an ocean of things
overwhelmed by stuff and knickknacks
possessions with no owner
pictures of people no one knows
we choice a few items and pack
ready to leave and end this chapter.
Dressed as Death
My readers must be tired
of hearing so much of my sojourn
reflections on “issues”, death, disease and dying
yet I need to write about it
learning what is required for my own death
hoping you will also be prepared and sober.

Spiritual life and deep Vedic philosophy
make every life stage embraceable
even sadness or reverses
become just grist for the mill
of our growth as a person and soul
detachment from the temporary by
taking full shelter of Guru, Vaishnavas and Krishna.
LC dancing
We live life with spiritual purpose
armed with yoga to battle illusion
with a duty according to our nature
working though our material desires
dovetailing them and our occupation
present in the world, remembering the soul
hearing/chanting about Krishna
mind fixed on serving and loving him!
Krishna Balarama
With your permission I take your leave
to travel back to North Carolina
like a snake shedding its skin
discarding the old, making way for new
picking the fruit of the tree
hoping to use it for devotional service
to be more realized spiritually
being better association for others.

Thanks for being with me
on this most important journey
of self discovery and letting go
allowing me to be myself
without any airs/profiles
as being real is very important to me
and what better way to teach it
then doing my best to show it.