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Monthly call to support Vaishnava Marriages


Vaishnava couplesI thought I would put up an advertisement for a monthly call coming up next Wednesday to support devotee marriages or those thinking of marrying. Though some of the readers here might not be interested in the topic, my hope if this is the case, is that you may tell a friend who might benefit. And with more specific knowledge of what a good and difficult marriage is, you will be in a better position to help a friend or acquaintance. So there is no insinuation that to be on the call means you have a bad marriage. I am of the understanding that even good marriages can be better, and that as we change our marriage has to adapt. We might have driven thousands of miles, but if we take our hands off the steering wheel we will go off the road and into the ditch.

My wife and I are members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team. Our group consists of Vaishnava or Krishna devotee therapists and marriage educators dedicated to providing support and services for those who have embarked, or want to embark in the Grihastha Ashrama. This month we are facilitating the call and you are invited to join us with your questions or to just listen.

Grihastha is a Sanskrit term which means a spiritual oriented married person, or those whose main priority in life is to be Krishna conscious. One may be married and have family duties and responsibilities, but still have their focus on serving and loving Krishna and his devotees. Grihastha is contrasted to the "grihamedhis" or materialist householder whose aim is simply material enjoyment and sensual happiness. This type of ordinary married life is condemned, but sacred marriage with the ultimate aim to increase one's spiritual life is most suited for the mass of people. It doesn't require severe austerities, but it does require commitment to spiritual practice (sadhana), and revolving even one's family responsibilities around devotional activities and practices. In other words it isn't a hobby, but one's ideal and focus. Though at times we are bound to be distracted, say with the birth of a child, we still want to keep coming back to our spiritual center

Monthly Phone Teleconference for Devotees With Marriage Questions put on by members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team

This Month's Topic: “Four things that can destroy any relationship and how to avoid them.”

WHEN: Wednesday, August 18th, 2010,
7-8 p.m. EDT

WHERE: Teleconference call-in number is
712-432-0111 access code: 761698 #.

Couples sharing on the phone
The North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT) offers a FREE teleconference facility every month for devotees who are seeking help with or more information about relationships. The panel consists of qualified devotee experts, counselors, therapists or marriage educators who are committed strengthening devotee marital relationships.

Archana-siddhi devi dasi and Karnamrita das, members of the North American Grihastha Vision Team, will be the guest panelists for this conference call. Archana is a trained professional counselor (LCSW) with 20 years experience offering individual and family counseling. Together with Karnamrita they offer premarital and marital counseling to devotees. They also put on 4 or 5 workshops a year with a spiritual and/or personal growth theme, and teach the GVT Grihastha Training Course.

For further information about the other expert panelists as well as the efforts and initiatives launched by the North American Grihastha Vision Team (GVT), please check our web-site and sign up for our free newsletter. You may also E-mail us with your questions at Karnamrita das and Archana-siddhi devi dasi live in Prabhupada Village, North Carolina.

Archana and Karnamrita

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Sun, 08/22/2010 - 12:31 — Karnamrita.das
Accessing the recorded call

To listen to the recorded call of the above call please dial (712) 432-0211 the access code of 761698#, and finally the # key for the current call. There is one other call you can listen to as well, which can be accessed by entering 0 #

Also there is sometimes a glitch with this phone service and we have heard that some devotees couldn't get on the call. Our sincere apologies for that. Should this ever happen again, then just try calling back. There were just a few callers on the line, yet I think the call was reasonably good. We covered many points about marriages and we sincerely hope you will find it helpful. It is our tiny attempt to provide those thinking of marrying and those already married support. There is a saying that it takes a village to raise a child, and I think we could say the same thing with a marriage.

We live in a difficult time for marriages and families. Most people have no clue what it takes to have a vital, spiritual, happy and long lasting marriage, or how to raise their children. Often both parents have to work to support the family and are much too busy, and sometimes our elders are far away and/or unfavorable to our spiritual life, and we don't have the benefit of their experience. So under the circumstances those of us on the Grihastha Vision Team are trying to make up for this lack at least in a small way.

Ideally every country and each Temple would have these kinds of services available. Though our field is North America we do travel world wide to teach as well. However, that can't take the place of local devotees who are skilled in giving guidance to couples, families and individuals with marital or mental health issues. So please, wherever you are in the world, try to advocate for this at your Temple or place of worship. Or consider a career in counseling to use as your service to Krishna!

Please check out our website at:

Your friend in Krishna,

dasanudas Karnamrita