More Hearts Come Closer to Krsna by Bhakti-lata Dasi


What is so EXCITING about volunteering for IPM is that miracles become an everyday fare! No one can come in contact with Krsna consciousness without seeing his/her life changed for the better. I was just listening to a Prabhupada lecture today and he was reiterating that if one spend one hour rendering devotional service, his life is a success, but that even if one spends millions of lifetimes in material life, there is no gain. I immediately thought of the inmates and how
exhilarating it is to witness inmates putting their heart into Krsna consciousness, reading, chanting, and giving Krsna to others. Despite being in the most deplorable material position, they are making great spiritual advancement.

Below are some exciting new quotes from inmates’ letters. Enjoy!

Sankirtan in progress!
“I needed five names to begin drawing up a proposal for our KC program, so I sent my men, twenty of them, to storm the chaplain’s office and declare themselves all to be Vaisnavas. I’ll let you know when the state approves of it.”
Arjuna Dasa
Leavittsburg, OH

Prabhupada’s books are never lost
“Recently, I found a partial and tattered copy of BTG in the trash. In this particular issue of BTG, there were several articles that I found very enlightening, spiritually educational and inspiring.”
Richard Allen Hogan
Mt.Olive, WV

Book Distribution on the Inside!
“The BTGs are kept hidden in the chapel and not put out for anyone to take. So…each Friday morning I get a stack of them and take them out to the yard to vive to the guys. The BTGs have been enthusiastically received. I make sure everyone knows they are welcome to come to the chapel on Friday mornings. Maybe next week people will come. It would be fortunate for anyone coming to hear about Krsna Janmastami. We’ll read from the Krsna Book on the Friday preceding and after, on the birth of Lord Krsna, born in an prison…”
Gerald Niles
Daytona Beach, FL

Chanting and Preaching
“Yes, I am still chanting 8 rounds. Not that I count it, but my new routine has also slightly increased my chanting when I ride the cardio bike. Forty minutes of maha mantra while riding the bike; no beads, just “mumbling” as the guy who is on the stair-stepper next to me says. As a bonus, he now says “Hare Rama” to me when we pass each other on the tier, so he’s chanting, sort of.
Allen just came at my door. I gave him the picture you just sent because he had none and I told him I passed his contact info to you. He is very sincere. I give him the BTGs to read before we donate them to the chapel library.”
Bhakta Gary Griffin
Salem, Oregon

Not a day goes by…
“I passed the newsletter to several other inmates who had never even heard the names “Hare Krsna”. So I am happy to say that IPM is succeeding in starting conditioned souls on the path of Krsna bhakti, thus saving them from the greatest type of fear. Not a day goes by in here without me letting a few people know about Krsna, His names and His pastimes. The seed is then planted and the jiva’s awakening has begun. All glories to Sri Krsna sankirtan, to Prabhupada and to IPM!”
Alex A. George
Marienville, PA

Brand new to Krsna consciousness:
“Hello and thank you for making your material available in prisons. My name is Eric; I am 24 years old and in prison. I’m getting out next year and thank God I am where I am at because my life was all messed up before I came to jail and woke up from my old life. I just read the book The Higher Taste and I am now vegetarian. You have probably already heard but is difficult to have a specialty diet in prison. I haven’t eaten any meat in three weeks and I don’t miss it one bit. This is going to be a big change for me on the outside as well. You see, I have been a cook my whole life, working in all kinds of restaurant kitchens. I never realized before how heavily centered meat is in most people’s diet. I won’t be cooking meat anymore so I may need to change jobs soon. My other passion besides cooking is farming and I have experienced working on an organic produce farm in PA. I am interested in ISKCON farm communities and restaurants. I live in Harrisburg, PA and would like to request any info about ISKCON centers in PA please. Working in a spiritually minded restaurant or farm would be perfect for me and if that isn’t possible I’d still like to learn more and volunteer. Also, the recipes in The Higher Taste seem delicious and I can’t wait to try them myself! Thanks again.”
Frackville, PA

In the free world and still needing Krsna
“Hi, my name is T.W. I once received knowledge from this ministry about 1 ½ ago. I am not incarcerated as I speak, but I really would like to continue my walk with Krsna. I’m sitting at my kitchen table writing this letter because I’m really in need of knowledge and protection from Lord Krsna. I chant sometimes but I desire to do more than chant. I want to become fully Krsna conscious. I haven’t met no one yet in the free world that is Krsna conscious. I went to church last week and I felt far from God, and I think that was because of the people I was around. I became Krsna conscious when I was in prison and I knew that it was the purest thing I could do. Right now, I feel lost because I have no knowledge, period. I would like to become a dedicated devotee. As I write this letter I can only think of how thankful I am to be able to seek help from this ministry. I would like for this temple to pray for me, ask Krsna to show mercy upon my life. Thanks.”
Tawon Warren
Moultrie, Georgia

Thank you for taking the time to read this article. At the moment, I have a list of 11 names of inmates that would like a devotee pen-pal. If you want to taste this very special nectar of sharing Krsna with others, please contact us.
We also need devotees to stay in contact with inmates once they are free. Four inmates were released recently and they are still desirous of guidance. Would you be their guide?
If you are interested, we can explain to you how to have a phone number through google that is absolutely free. It can ring on any phone you want (home, cell), so that no one will know your personal phone number. It is therefore safe way to communicate with inmates.

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