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Ordinary Everyday Mystic


Autumns beauty'
Change is a constant, ordinarily
in Nature, slow and steady
obscured by our mind’s absorption
till a critical mass “aha” moment.

Walking outside to the mailbox
greeted by fall’s embrace
colored leaves falling and swirling
gracefully decorating the ground.

And my special love, the wind
swaying the trees by its force
creating the soothing swishing sound
racing by my ears as I breath it in.

Never boring sights and sounds
objectively it’s “predictable fall weather”
my subjective experience is exhilarated
joyfully touched amidst aesthetic beauty.

Though fall weather is “expected”
nothing is remotely ordinary
many shades and nuances of colors
flowers bloom before the frost.

Behind the dancing, singing trees
incredible blue sky painted
by moving, multi-colored clouds—
if this is ordinary, no words for extraordinary!

Yet a peaceful, satisfied mind is required
to observe and really appreciate
happily living with spiritual practice
instead of being mad for external happiness.
Understanding kKishna
Transforming “ordinary” life into super-extraordinary
bringing the artistic beauty Source Krishna
into our lives—not just intellectually
but by our honest attempt to give our heart and soul.

Until we are a realized lover of God
our endeavor is bringing Krishna into every moment
seeing him in the smallest and greatest
in wind, rain, drought, seasons, food, birth and death.

Arise from the dream without
identifying our soul with fleeting matter
struggling for existence to avoid death
thinking the Universe empty without purpose.

Firmly embracing bhakti we find
everything favorable for service
the world becomes the abode of joy
even sorrow or calamity are Krishna’s embrace!

Loving Krishna becomes our magnificent obsession
life revolves around our heart’s aspiration
pleasure and satisfaction in spiritual practice
we become a mystic just living our everyday life.

Falling leaves

Combined comments from old site

Tue, 10/26/2010 - 19:10
Attitude and realization colors our life

I am quite aware that when we listen to all the bad and terrible news about the world situation such a view as "the world is an abode of joy" seems like some sort of delusion. However, this is a a spiritual ideal that is one result of pure devotee. I am not saying I have it, but that I am catching glimpses from time to time, like observing the beauty of Krishna's creation and the artistry of changing seasons. All the terrible goings on in the world are the result of Godless, fanatical or overly materialistic people, or the results of collective karma in the form of extreme weather. It is a big discussion, but our frame of mind completely influences our perception.

Your friend in Krishna,