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Dead Poet’s Society


Modern poetry leaves me cold
(though the poet's allure is appealing)
rarely I find a work meaningful
of consequence to my life
either emotionally or spiritually—
which to me are all important.

Why should I have to work so hard
to unravel the meaning in a poem
like a detective searching for a murderer
shifting through reams of so-called evidence
finding a children’s playground of no consequence.

It may sound terribly proud
discounting a poet’s sincere effort—
yet we all have our lens
determining value or its lack
with only so much time to invest.

For my heart’s expression I write
my life’s struggles, aspirations, joy
glorifying God, his devout, the path
of spiritual attainment, Vedic scriptures
self realization and the soul’s hankering.

As I have no time for poems
without substantial, relevant meaning
I will lose readers by mentioning God—
what to speak of Krishna, devotion, mysticism—
regardless, I can only write what moves me.

To me good poetry is this:
that which pulls me in, curious
grasping my attention, touching my heart
entering the world of the poet
giving a different angle, perspective, shared “aha”.

Should I hide my writing in religious journals?
or is it acceptable, in a time when anything goes
to have no interest in expression merely for expressions sake?
For a world without meaning and purpose
is like an empty rice husk, or computer with no system.

Let me assure you, on a human level
I respect all authentic expression with feeling;
this is not a soap box to decry poets
just my thirst for meaning and spiritual purpose
in life, work, family, art, conversation, expression.

With 60 years behind me the body's temporariness
is increasingly evident confirming the Gita’s view—
though I pray to make my last years the best
no life duration can be guaranteed
as any breathe or heart beat may be my last.

Four decades of spiritual practice will bear fruit
with a mind fixed on transcendence
realized determination that the world’s value
is only that which facilitates the soul’s urge
to be free of bondage, returning to Krishna’s love
(when will that day be mine?).