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Beyond the Influence of the Stars


Stars influence
The sojourn of the ignorant soul
looking for a real, satisfying role
to find the ultimate final goal
an end to suffering from illusion’s toll.

In the stars at birth, a picture is taken
revealing if we are blessed, or perhaps forsaken;
a chart plotted, the future is told
will we become ill, die young or grow old.

Prestige and mansion, along with fine sons
a beautiful wife, a bank full of funds;
infamous or ugly, a pauper in the street
no house of our own, or shoes on our feet.

To be successful and have a good life
or doomed to failure with suffering and strife,
achievement or lack we must understand
are deserved by us at God’s command.

The sojourn of the bewildered soul
absorbed in a false temporary role
not understanding the actual goal
rebelling against the Lord’s control.

On the path of life’s destiny
different pains and misery,
this is a life of uncertainty
the dualistic world of relativity.

Riches or fame, beauty or strength
can life endure the desired length?
The material world viewed all around
can we avoid being put in the ground?

Not wanting to die, become ill or grow old
but hard as we try no solution’s been told!
Forced upon us, the suffering is there
for miseries of life we don’t really care.

The dilemma’s not solved within matter’s bounds
on the spiritual level the answer is found,
pleasure is lacking in a temporary state
playing in a dream, not knowing our fate.

The body’s a cage, a house to dwell
the soul’s a bird within the cell;
cleaning the cage, the bird’s not fed
starving the soul, he’s good as dead.

The sojourn of the confused soul
unable to find a lasting role
confined to relative misleading goals,
being forced to act under Maya’s control.

The stars will show the future unfolding
but thought is needed, worldly vision’s withholding.
Beyond the star’s power is where we belong
no grief or trouble, the payment for wrongs.

The lesson to learn, it will be shown
discern matter from spirit—that’s to be known.
We must consult a proper authority
versed in Vedic thought and philosophy.

Complete knowledge is given by the Vedas
written in Sanskrit in innumerable pages
preserved from the time of bygone ages
told by the wise and learned sages.

Attentively hear crucial information
we’re damned or blessed in reincarnation.
The truth is rare to be actually seen
we’re blinded by hopes for enjoying the dream.

The soul’s eternal, never is he slain
our enjoyment's only relief from pain;
we become used to chewing the chewed
no satisfaction, yet forever pursued.

Nescience creates fear, not going God’s will
when the body dies, the soul lives on still,
this is knowledge, obtained after years
in the Lord’s kingdom, we’re free from fears.

Tolerance in extremes, content with destiny,
then and only then, we reach tranquility.
The Lord is the shelter, protector, dearest friend
loving Him completely, brings us to him in the end.

Our love is expressed by sharing his Name
from house to house to spread His fame.
He’s the one we’ve been looking for,
our desires reached, no hankering anymore.

The sojourn ended of the wise soul
finding the real, satisfying role
attaining the ultimate final goal—
loving Krishna, accepting his control.

Divine Couple

Combined comments from old site

A few good things

I just cleaned out my desk from twenty years of accumulation of "important" papers. Most of it is going to be burned, recyled or made into note paper. This poem was written 25 years ago and although I would write it much different today, the general theme is still valid. I was studying Vedic astrology at the time and this was one perspective I thought of--that we have to go that place of Krishna which is not factored into a reading of a chart. It's far beyond the misery and suffering of this world. My thoughts expressed are heavy in the "negative" impetus side of Krishna consciousness as were much of our preaching in those days and before. In any case I hope there is at least one line or two that make you ponder or that are useful to you on your spiritual journey.

Your friend in Krishna,