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In Having a Tooth Pulled, are there Tangible Spiritual Benefits?


Ouch..but all things must pass
In the scheme of things having a tooth pulled--or loosing it--could be seen as a very small event in a person's life--one of the many so-called mundane "non-events", more a distraction from "real life" than something noteworthy. However, personally, I don't think any occurrence, event or day is ever ordinary. We only have mundane or ordinary vision or perspectives. Especially for a devotee, they try to put Krishna into everything they do, or see everything in relationship to him. Life is miraculous, but to see like this requires an attitude of appreciation and positive expectancy.

Smile, Krishna is with us, and in everyone's heart. We can always treat every person kindly and genuinely smile and wish everyone well, praying to be a light and help. I had my tooth pulled yesterday, and this morning I woke up after only 3 and ½ hours sleep wide awake and in pain. So I decided to get up, chant and also write any thoughts I had about the experience. For what it might be worth this is what I wrote. I did find the process of writing quite interesting, profound and expressive of what I was feeling, though it may or may not come out for you. Try it on for size and expect a surprise!

The body can’t help deteriorating
growing smaller by shrinkage
designed to loose even important parts
the mind worries us by forgetting
then we can’t recognize our self
being covered with wrinkles, sagging skin
our ailments a frequent conversation topic
increasingly threatening our illusion to die
slowing movement from Cheetah to snail
sharing unwelcome sounds and smells
yet the law of compensation smiles
uncovering benefits to the wise
strengthening inner vision
illuminating the real seer, consciousness
by prayer, sadhana, necessary focus
our sad stories becomes our bliss
that youthful folly appears ludicrous
sensuality a bad, distracting mistake
the soul’s need meaningful, real
revealing the lasting shelter
our permanent, loving companion,
rediscovered in scripture, our heart
making the spiritual world shine
all our pain becomes a poor joke
how have we lived without Krishna?
in a world of ashes and thorns
finally our life search highlighted
ending the struggle to be somebody
Krishna’s glorious spark we are
the real wealth of spirit
already everything we could want
eternality, fulfillment, wisdom, super-love
showing our stubborn ignorance
500 channels of false promises
O, Maya is the greatest advertiser
investing our wealth with Bernie Madoff
finished with that forever
Krishna’s shelter, loving embrace, devotees
nothing more is needed—I’m out of here--
on Krishna time, and so I keep on chanting
living another day expecting the miraculous!
The Real Substance and Goal