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The Holy Grail of Relationships


Our ideal relationships--so-called
The soul identifies with a body
having physical needs/expansive desires
feeling alone, lacking, unhappy
seeking completion through relationships.

Disney shows us our prince or princess
the oneness of loving forgetfulness
covering our foolish perceived deficiencies
identifying our self through projection.

We idolize, worship the “other”
our covered hidden self
“now my life’s beginning
as before I lived in the desert”.

“Finally I’m rid of my sad story
I’ve created a life worth living
it seems it can’t get any better
I am living my dream.”

Then, suddenly, unexpectedly forced out
of our ethereal mind airplane
falling with no parachute
our crash scatters pieces of a life.

A beautiful bubble bursting—
how could I have been so blind?
Alas, the secret’s still withheld
it was always about me.

My “love” was never about giving to them
but our unspoken rules/conditions
unexpressed fine print, expectations/dramas
our past damaged self, skewed lens.

Childhood dramas, disappointments, past lives
we endeavor to overcompensate
our parents disguised as our spouse
those past issues to be addressed now.

Our own deficiencies need to be resolved
yet stubbornly we miss the point
looking again for perfect love/support
going for the holy grail drug of romance.

Traveling flower to flower
the never ending karmic quest
or we give up in aggravation
sour grapes—all is illusion/vanity.

Thinking, “why me”
we die dismayed, lamenting
frustrated that our soul mate
became Dracula, eating our heart.

If only we had discovered
lovely, enchanting Krishna’s endearing love
the active rest for all souls
then our relationships are purified.

All situations are favorable
our life and desires transformed
focusing on the Supreme Shelter
a complete engagement for our heart.

Appealing, unending love
centered around Radha and Krishna’s hearts
Krishna’s flute sound sustains us
in the dance of perfection.

Embraced by our true love
ever increasingly fulfilled
happiness beyond compare
never a dull moment in eternity.

Lovely Krishna