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Where was God in Japan?


Whenever tragedy strikes and innocents and children are harmed the natural question arises.  Where was God?  If there is is a God how can there be tragedy?  Is God capable but unaware?  Is God unaware but capable?  Or is God compassionate at all?  Such questions should be addressed rather than pushed aside in an effort to protect blind faith.

When I was young boy I had a sister who although born completely healthy, had suffered some hospital caused complication and nearly died.  However her survival was short lived as the complications caused brain damage and her tiny body was only able to endure two more years.  This all took place I think when I was about 11 years old. 
Events such as these, wherein someone who has yet to even commit any harm is harmed, brings up the question.  What is the justice of God? Also known as Theodicy.   A major catastrophe does not need to be in effect for the question to arise, anyone can see the apparent differences in wealth, health, peace, faith and intelligence that a human is faced with right from birth.  Some born healthy some not.  Some born wealthy some one.  Some born in a religious social setting and some in places where the concept of God does not exist.
What is God’s responsibility?  A provider has a natural responsibility for his dependents.  Even a store manager is held accountable for the behavior of his employees.  So when one of God’s prime employees, Mother Nature, kicks our butt, who do we go to for accountability?
This question of accountability has plagued various religions.  As so far I have not seen any tradition that accept the born soul paradigm, the idea that the soul is born with body,  deal with this question in a satisfactory way.  However the Bhakti tradition, the ancient Vedic tradition from India gives a clear picture as to why a person may suffer even before they have done any sin.  The concept of reincarnation takes into account that we all have lived many many lives and also have a great stock of karma, reactions, good and bad, from our previous lives.   According to the Bhakti tradition God is the perfect protector.  No one can enjoy or suffer anything that is not within their destiny due to previous deeds.  And although someone be placed in lands or circumstances with people of similar karmic debts, such as the reaction of a airplane crash or earthquake, there is no value judgment.  Much unlike the recent Youtube video of young religious fanatic who prayed for atheist to suffer, the Vaishnava, or true theist is pained at others suffering and pleased at other happiness.   The devotee of the Lord, the Vaishnava, understands without judgment that they themselves have stocks of debts as well.  Anyone who is in this world has debts from their previous lives.  Therefore the compassionate devotees, and the Lord Himself, do not condemn but rather are ever diligent to help souls from suffering. 

Freedom from suffering comes from bhakti, spiritual life.  Not only does bhakti destroy reactions to karmas of the past and destroys the desire for a materialistic life for future but also in the very present it reduced and eliminates suffering allowing the soul to experience itself on the spiritual platform.  
As Jesus, while being taken to be nailed to the cross told the crying women on the street. “Women of Jerusalem, stop crying for me. Instead, cry for yourselves and for your children,”  For such a pure devotee and yogi does not suffer the pains of the body. 

We all suffer only due to our own misdeeds and the Lord can free us completely from all suffering immediately in as much we give up the propensity to sin and exploitation. 
Hare Krishna

my thought!

after reading your whole blog,i can only tell you that, god is everywhere and he is playing with us.His existence is truelly foundable but he is invisible!
so,have faith on god at every time and on every situation!
Hare Krishna.....

Life is perfect

I know, i complain a lot about life and Krsna but if i look deeper in myself (sorry for my bad writing, i am french.) and if i read the Veda i can understand that life is always taking the perfect road to rectify me and make me slowly but surely see the truth. And it is the same for everyone, some knows some doesnt know. In maya we serve in ignorance, whitout knowing, So yes really bad things comes but they are simply perfect in a way we cannot concive. So even the ateist is actualy serving the Lord perfectly in is own way and for the moment, Krsna is using him that way. There is not a places were merci does not exist.i have to realise that everytings that comes to me is pure mercy to bring me closer to Narahari and Radha Krsna. Am i right ? if not please correct me. I would like to know more.

Indeed it is.

It has to be perfect. Krsna is perfect.
If life was a puzzle, Krsna would be the Grand Puzzler with us as pieces of puzzle. He arranges the pieces so perfectly that everyone gets what they want and ofcourse, what they deserve.
Through our lives in this material world, we've done bad and good, but both bad and good that we do, both pain and joy we receive are equal, because they serve the same cause- Reaching Almighty.

burden of past karmas

The Yajurveda says: "Isha vasyam idam sarvam, yatkimcha jagatyam jagat" - meaning: "This entire universe belongs to almighty God". We have a privilege to enjoy it but, no rights to obliterate it.

In this context, the law of Karma is very subtle and needs careful understanding.
Everything that happens is yoked to the law of Karma.

The burden of past karmas can be liquidated only by suffering. Like the fellow who is enjoying is equating his baggage of merits.

past karmas can be burned

past karmas can be burned away by devotional service such as chanting. if "The burden of past karmas can be liquidated only by suffering" there there would be no moksha

Abrahamic paths

> As so far I have not seen any tradition that accept the born soul paradigm, the idea that the soul is born with body, deal with this question in a satisfactory way.

To hold this belief they have to disregard Bible quotes on pre-existence such as those at the end of:

Sans: karma = Greek: krima, krino

Hari Hari
ys Jan

Order supplier God

Thanks for posting this Nityananda Chandra. Indeed this is a fascinating and important topic. Generally people don't think about God, but when something goes wrong, we hear them say, "Why is God doing this?". As if God is to blame for anything that goes wrong. It is obvious that everyone should be educated about the soul, reincarnation, ( we are eternal souls who never die, i.e. basic Bhagavad Gita) karma--or action and reaction--and that Krishna is supremely merciful and isn't out to get anyone. He is trying to help the eternal soul wake up to its real life by coming personally as well as leaving his revealed word such as the Bhagavad Gita and Shrimad Bhagavatam etc. These difficulties are meant to remind us of our perilous condition in the material world. Knowing this, devotees of Krishna try to help people understand the Vedic perspective of life, which saves us from so much misery and doubt. There are no accidents in the world, though spiritual people should feel compassion for the suffering of others, and if possible lend a hand. However, we shouldn't only see externally. So many things are going on beyond what we can see. Individuals have karma, countries have karma, and we live in Kali yuga a very impious time of lack of God consciousness and a resultant increase in material suffering. I spoke on this general topic recently:

RE: Order Supplier God

I don't exactly blame God for what it wrong. I have some good qualities, too--like I don't have material desires, so that part is good. Also, I can often reach a temporary samdhi when I do my work and give the results to Krishna. But, for what I have done wrong, the karmic baggage is this heavy weight that I carry around. The karmic baggage is so heavy that I am actually in an existential crisis. I've tried to understand my karmic make-up and to do what Krishna wants me to do, but my work environment is very hostile and although I've done my work today, I've been hiding in my office.

I have many blessings. I have a good husband who is loving. I have a beautiful daughter. I have a handsome son. We have a modest house and I don't want anything material so to speak. I have no desire for a condo or a Lexus or whatever--what we have is fine.

The weird thing is that the sinful reactions--switch around to different areas of life. Sometimes, the sinful reactions (mainly rajistic) pop up in friendships. When the friendships calm down, then the sin seems to go into my life at church. Then, this evil travels to another part of my life (the demons become envious of the Personality of Godhead within?). Right now, things at work are really bad.

My problem is NOT materialism at all. I also no longer lust. My problem--mainly--are two things:

1. Ignorance: which occurs when I am not watching what I am doing

2. Being rajistic--I am, to be honest, probably the most rajistic person that you will ever meet.

The ISKON lifestyle has helped somewhat. My self control has been amazingly put under control. The Gita has brought a lot of wisdom. However, there is still a heaviness and sadness--a severe type of guilt and a hefty amount of stigma from others that permeates my being. This is why I revel in the verse that says: "Even the worst sinner can cross the ocean of miseries when one has knowledge." That's not the exact verse, but it is something to that effect.

Diet is a big problem because my husband is a meat eater and because we are urban blue collar. Due to my chemistry, I have to have extra protein to function, and this is something that I cannot ignore.

So, I don't blame God but I do wish that I had better answers from Him because my life feels like it is going down the drain.

There are times when I wonder why I am here on earth and I wonder why I was born. My whole family is different, and the older siblings are almost like Brahmin in their personality and nature. Also, they live in areas where they cannot be censured. In my family, we are all mad but not all to the same degree. The older siblings have high IQ's and are able to compensate for their madness or insanity or eccentricity with their talents, but I am stuck where I am and am not a genius, so I have to deal with having a bad reputation and with people being very cruel and ugly.

Existing is very difficult, and God needs to give me answers. I don't want money. I like the silly green truck and the small cottage house.

********I want direct wisdom to get out of this rut!! THAT's what I want from God.*************