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staff around?


Haribolo staff colleagues, somehow I don't see any of you (with exception of Radhikesh P.) in the forum. Are you all in India? If I'm the only one answering questions it looks strange. Definitely don't want to monopolize it. ;)

Hari Hari
ys Jan

I am in only just a bit. My

I am in only just a bit. My other services do not allow me to be too involved. I will try, but you do such a good job anyway in regards to answering questions.

Thanks, Prabhu. I try my

Thanks, Prabhu. I try my best. But imho it looks a bit monotonous if only one person answers everything.

Hari Hari
ys Jan

thanks prabhu, i will more

thanks prabhu, i will more attentive to the forums