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On Meeting Life with a Smile, Spiritual Eyes, Wide Awake


Krishna in Thundershowers

Forces of Material Nature
a two edged sword
dishing out physical miseries
simultaneously beautiful, sublime
as Krishna’s purposeful energy.

Darkening sky, distant thunder approaches
winds majestically allow the trees to dance
while the squirrel eats mulberries
the birds chew wild cherries
we sit, waiting, for the main show.

Everything follows natural laws
matter combines into eight energies (Bg 7.40)
Krishna supplies rain, sun, earth, sky
flower’s bloom, trees tower over all
human’s ponder why mosquitoes bite.

Life forms must obey their bodies
humans are on parole to decide
to remain physically bound, forced, restricted
or spiritually joyful, agreeing to serve
becoming a bhakta, everything teaches us.

Huge raindrops commence the drama
loud roar of millions of droplets
sky further darkens, thunder intensifies
rumbling across the heavens, then exploding
such storms never the same, always exciting!

What an opulence to sit on the porch
watching the storm build, then deliver
much of life is just showing up, awake
observing, thinking, seeing and feeling Krishna
the perfect arranger, reminding us of Himself.

Wind increases, rain at warp speed
the tempest on top of us
lightening immediately follows thunder
material nature, dangerous, full of wonder
will we be crushed, or survive to tell?
Everything is energy

Our body may or may not be protected
the house could be blown away, or stay
yet Krishna promises to protect the soul
once on bhakti’s path, we will remain
Krishna carries our lack, preserves our love.

A unit of serving tendency
meant to give, sacrifice, love
given freedom to invest our heart
carrying us to the next body or
to the nectarous land of heart service.

Divorced, distressed souls, uplifted, saved
from a dangerous place, to Krishna’s embrace
struggling for existence, the dance of kirtan
lost in illusion, found in service
everything is favorable for divine upliftment.

The ocean is in the drop
eternity in the moment
life’s secret before our eyes
one step begins a journey to Krishna
a devotee’s blessing, opens our soul.

Complacency, lethargy, the enemy
caught up in day to day
loosing heart, thinking progress impossible
but NO!; Regroup; Rekindle spiritual fire
recalling determination, good company.

If not now, when?
Tomorrow’s always out of reach
today we must do better
chanting, reading, praying more
since we may die watching a movie!

Don’t defeat yourself by failures
caste them aside, begin anew
remember faith, spiritual feeling, taste
help is always available if we ask
be courageous, for mediocrity, don’t settle!

The storm passes, normality returns
forest serenity, soothing calm
tree frogs sing in joy
plants, flowers, trees drink their fill
what have I learned?

Life is truly a great wonder
years of spiritual practice bear fruit
imperfect we are, but we have Shelter
enlivening literature, beautiful Deities
a satisfying service, a superlative goal!

Material and spiritual world