On the Classroom of Life 101


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Many purposes are served
our life events instruct
karma plays out
yet Krishna teaches us;
life, the master teacher
learn to read the signs
attitude determines labels
good, bad, or sublime--
any lessons learned today?
here are some of mine:

The ground browns, cracks
leaves turn yellow, fall
summer heat bakes
sweltering, withering ‘shine
unusually hot and dry
still every creatures expects
trees with open arms
roots grow deeper, searching
dew helps the grass, a taste
heads all look upward, expecting
some plants die, distraught
still giving seeds for next year
conversation ‘bout water, thirsty
air breathes disappointment
while the wise know it will come
experience teaches confidence
time brings thundershowers, life
one can only wait
patience and hope, a virtue
only humans can pray
in gratitude, realized faith
Krishna maintains me.

Imagine you felt your bhakti
(love and service for Krishna)
was like your water or air—
that which sustained you—
how much effort and time
allotted for spiritual endeavor?
such intense eagerness
the price for prema (Krishna’s love)
seeing everything as mercy
existence for fulfilling desires
though matter promises greatly
only appetizers served
never the soul’s full meal
understand your soul and God
change your aim/vision
know your true nourishment, friend

The water for your soul
gives true fulfillment
happiness beyond the senses
the feeling of going home
accepting Krishna’s name
restores our true nature
trying to share wisdom, faith
you must decide what’s right
I can’t do it for you
you must walk the path
your life as spiritual journey
philosophy helps us be steady
reason can’t touch the heart
only spiritual experience
giving drops of nectar
from the ocean of devotion
taking pleasure in service
fixed on Krishna’s love.

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recorded blogs

I requested we have a feature to record the blogs, and now that has been added. I have recorded the last five or so, in my attempt to serve you better. If you are interested I will gradually go back and record all my blogs from the last four years. My thought is that may make it easier for some to connect to the thoughts I share. Please let me know if this is a good addition. Many thanks. Hare Krishna. dasanudas Karnamrita

I just noticed the recording on your latest blog on THE dance

and it does give a personal touch to the beautiful poem(s) , help connect to the thoughts while reading.
Inspiring words to keep us on toes:
"Imagine you felt your bhakti
was like your water or air - "

However, going back to all your work of four years ! I don't think it is necessary, although it conveys your mood, Prabhuji. Wow.

Hare KRSNa
_/\_ many times.


Thanks for your comment. I have been unsure of whether to go back to record all the blogs, or even to continue doing them as I go. It depends on the responses I get, though you are the first. It takes 15 or 20 minutes to record and post, but if it helps the devotees, it is surely worth it.

All the best to you!

dasanudas Karnamrita