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On Preparing for The Dance of Life

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Hearing from a visiting sadhu
enlightening talk brings rain
celestial celebration jolts us
the firmament rejoices
I read till the fireworks cease
rising at 3:33 a.m.
being tired, a truth not considered
ablutions, then donning dancing dress
face and body decorated with tilak
for the stage performance, dress rehearsal
waking our Deities with grateful prayers
I hurry out the door, scurry to the car
greeted by the happy trees, plants, grass
fat and satisfied after sufficient water
driving to the Temple hearing
eternal truths lovingly spoken.

Pandu Panca tattva at RY
Opening the Temple doors
preparing for the dance
offering made, worship tray prepared
it is now time for announcement
blowing the conch, parting the curtains
two devotees offer respects
and sing their own dance
while I meditate on great devotees
and merciful Lords
Panca-tattva and my home Deities
while offering Vedic style worship
on behalf of everyone
incense, lamp, water, cloth
flower, chamara, fan
with my heart and soul
the actual offering is me.
LC dreams of Radha Krishna lila
Before offering each item
I bow to my guru’s disciples,
future generations, as only their mercy
enables my guru to accept me
bowing after offering to each person:
“Please accept this, please accept me,
let me have the identity of a devotee
free from egoistic selfishness—
only a giver full of love,”
so I dance on the altar stage
to enter Krishna’s rasa dance—
while for now, I see everyone dancing
trying to make this life THE dance,
but no, we are blessed to understand
we are eternal soul, not the body—
thank God for this knowledge
(imagine this body was everything!).
This world’s only a reflected dance
in heartbroken ignorance,
imperfect instruments
where it is folly to be wise
while saints are despised
until we awaken to discover
being with, while loving the Original Dancer
will bring peace, joy to our soul,
we now connect our life and desires
to Krishna’s eternal dance
dovetailing thinking, feeling, willing, action—
then the material world is no more
only everyone dancing
at different distances from God—
so let us make our life
the love dance for irresistible Krishna!

In the Bhakti-rasamrta-sindhu (1.2.156) it is said: "O lotus-eyed one, when will I be able to always chant Your holy name, and being inspired by that chanting, when will I be able to dance on the banks of the Yamuna?"

Transcendental kirtana