Prabhupada’s arrival in America


Prabhupada begins his trip to America
Today marks 46 years
since Prabhupada’s arrival in America
as emissary of Shri Chaitanya
foretold by his chart at birth
he would travel overseas
to establish 108 temples.

Studying his life reveals
a lifetime of preparation
kindling his fire of devotion
realization of the scriptures
practical knowledge with purity
compassionate perseverance to save us.

The prediction of Shri Chaitanya
that Krishna’s holy name would spread
to every town throughout the world
was thought by some to be metaphor
but Prabhupada believed it literately
as did his guru who sent him.

Obstacles appeared at every step
in preparing for his journey West
causing defeat to a less committed
yet he tirelessly pushed forward
determined to succeed regardless
indomitable spiritual strength.
New Life
His future disciples were waiting
like dormant scattered seeds
unknowing of their destiny of bhakti
their life also preparing them
finding misery and searching for God
fulfilled only by Prabhupada’s loving wisdom.

By the order of Prabhupada’s guru
we fallen souls were dispatched
to serve Prabhapada’s mission
spreading Krishna’s holy name
saving ourselves in the process
passing the torch to others.

Prabhupada’s example still inspires
his followers to continue serving
awakening bhakti within all
without Prabhupada’s struggles
none of us would know of Krishna
or find devotees in every land.

Prabhupada’s glory will be fulfilled
when we each become pure devotees
absorbed in unalloyed devotion
sharing our good fortune
with no time for distractions
giving kindness, compassion, wisdom.
Hearing from the Sadhus