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The Day the Sun didn’t Rise


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Finding the light
[One of my favorite free verse poem attempts--another meditation on what's really important in our lives. Originally published on 09-23-2011]

Today, the sun didn’t rise
I kept waiting, perplexed
the wind howled
rain came in sheets
electric power failed
no machines worked
not even computers
I lit candles
the ancient technology
altar Deities again illuminated
“O Lord, what is going on?”
Going upstairs, my wife vanished
“Such things can’t be happening!”

I felt afraid, uncertain
putting on my rainsuit
I noticed the falling temperature
the front door flies open
water wetting the walls
I venture outside
struggling with all my might
I shut the door
my flashlight hardly working
dense fog surrounds me
almost zero visibility
slowly moving against the gale
my car is gone!

The sound of snapping branches
a tree falls before me
my path blocked
startled, my heart pounding
so I change course
slowly walking on
finally reaching my neighbors
who are always home
but no cars are present
I keep knocking with no answer
the wind blows open the door
no furniture inside
stale mildew smell accosts me.

Some four legged creature approaches
a dog?—no a huge rat!
a python wraps him up
bewildered, I can’t believe this
I must be dreaming
gaining composure I wonder:
day dream, or night dream (?)
both are the same
coming and going,
always changing
only the soul lasts
as part of eternal Krishna
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna.

I finally remember to chant—
difficulty reveals our faith
we see our fear, attachments
introspection is a blessing
to own our shadow
finding the root
of our spiritual hesitancy
praying to work thought it
finding our real strength—
heading back to the house
fighting the wind and rain
the sound is deafening
every step is hard won.

I can’t believe the struggle
just to walk and keep going—
taking for granted the “ordinary”
until we don’t have them—
finally I see our home
after entering I struggle
to close the door
the Deities shine splendidly
a reassuring presence
amidst the unpredictable
uncertain world
removing my wet clothes
I dry and re-dress.

Grabbing my japa beads
sitting before our merciful Lords
I feel unbelievable bliss
although I don’t understand
the events in my life
it doesn’t matter
I can only take shelter
of the holy name
and pray for mercy
when all else fails
Krishna’s love remains
He always helps us
see what’s really important.
Lamp of the soulCosmic Krishna

Simply Beautiful

Very symbolic of material existence AS IT IS.
Pouring Rain - symbolic background for Either emotional storm OR Reminder of GhanaShyAm in life ,
sun not shining - impermanence of Universe,
wife and neighbors vanishing - impermanence of [material] 'jeevan'

Deities and Holy Names of KRshNa, and our relationship with Him - eternal, everlasting.

KRshNa has an amazing way to convey truth.

Hare KRshNa