Ring Around the Rosie: We all Fall Down/Rise Up


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Earth in Hands
Self-realization in a circle
what goes up
must come down
within the Spring leaf
the Autumn falling power
Vedic Cosmology
champions cyclical time
linear time’s a modern illusion
after the light, darkness
begetting again the light
yesterday’s gain
today’s forfeiture.

The T.V. season highly promises
then reruns bore us
our favorite show canceled
like within our beloved life
is born untimely death
while the soul lives on
covered by physical bodies
born again in hope
lost in time by design
terrestrial recycling
dust to dust
ashes to ashes
earth to earth
back to the future.
Life leaves clues
for the philosophical
secrets in the leaves
when reasons’ searched,
prompted by the Vedas,
trust the answers will come--
I sit in the garden
life’s beautiful classroom
simplicity reveals complexity
as above, so below
watching the leaves descent
from Sky to Earth
changing the landscape
a special ground covering
blown by the wind
decaying leaf incense
crystal clear, deep blue sky
warm sun on my face
big fall spiders patiently wait
for unsuspecting insects
everyone has their time
the universe in the drop.

The hidden foundation
Source and Supreme Cause
encourages our transformation--
conditioned soul, awaken!
Krishna sends his saints
the scriptures, our awareness
prompting spiritual remembrance
rise up, or down again
letting go earthly weights
attachments, worldly desires
mixed happys and sads
the holy name to the rescue
we grow wings to fly
Krishna’s arms await us
beyond the land of laws
to the lawless land of love
spiritual plane of bliss
unending joy, dance, song
what our soul’s hanker for
taught by a falling leaf.
Falling leavesThe Supreme Goal--the source of the seasons