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Govardhana Puja–Dallas 2011


Last Sunday we had our 8 foot x 4 foot mountain of cake celebrating Sri Krishna's lifting of Govardhan Hill.  It was  a great event that drew in a large crowd.  One week earlier I had given a several classes on Bhagavad Gita to a total of about 150 students of Brookhaven college, thanks to our great friend Dr. Trish Dodd.  She had informed them that if they come to the festival they would earn extra credit.  About 20 students showed up from Brookhaven.  Another person that I met at my yoga class brought eight of their friends and we had over another 20 that showed up from Occupy Dallas, thanks to Lavanga and the prasadam distribution crew.


Each year we make a carob cake mountain and here you can see Chef Giovanni expertly frosting the mountain of Mother Laxmipriya’s cakes.   Radha Kunda, Mita, Randy, Sri Rupa, Vrinda, Mother Sucharya & others were also a great help. 

Hare Krishna

Your humble servant,

Nityananda Chandra Das