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The Most Joyous Time of the Year?


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It is said that Christmas time
“is the most joyous time of the year,”
which seems to be a double edged sword
with some trying to be kinder and generous,
while others feel bad, and become depressed
that they’re supposed to be happy, but feel miserable.

While it is doubtful that Jesus
was actually born on this day
it is still a spiritual celebration of
Divinity’s appearance in the world,
so when it becomes materialistic
it loses its joyous nature, becoming a shadow.

This is a lesson for those involved in bhakti
reminding us that our spiritual life
can become covered by extraneous desires
only a dim reflection of the original purpose
losing its original spiritual vitality
dressed in robes of camouflaged worldliness.

Most of us think we need reasons
to be pleased, due to our conditioning
that possessions or events make us happy,
instead of knowing our joyful nature
as eternal souls, stirred by spiritual practice
celebrating our relationship with God.

When we become convinced
that physicality and our body itself
cover our spiritual blissful nature
our inspiration is to pursue transcendence
without expecting matter to fulfill us
we learn to take pleasure in devotion.

In the shower of purification
still requiring material supports
a balance between matter and spirit
we accept our physical requirements
as a necessary facility for spiritual practice
dealing with conditioning with eyes on Krishna.

Gradually, we invest our time and heart
in waking up from our dream of materialism
becoming convinced by spiritual knowledge
of our soul and Krishna’s relationship
realizing spiritual theory by prayerful service
hearing, chanting, and remembering Krishna.

Then every moment and every day
is cause for joyous celebration
of the Lord’s appearance in our life
through his Deity forms and holy name,
His devotees who become our family,
centering our life’s work in devotional service.