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A New Day, A New Year, A New Life


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Rising early, with spiritual contemplation
is a real gift to our true self,
though it requires discipline
by going against the world’s current
to stay up late being “entertained,”
pushed to have external focus
busily distracted, acquiring gadgets
not questioning life’s purpose.

Do we own our house, car
computer game, smart phone,
packaged food, or do they own us?
by forcing us to earn money
keeping up with the neighbors,
competing to have more,
while on a constant treadmill
feeling empty with a full house.

Having time, the greatest wealth
if coupled with simplicity, peace
an inquiring mind, spiritual perspective,
keeping company with saintly devotees,
since this transforms our ordinary life—
only maintaining the status quo—
to one of hearing about the Lord’s glories
seeing life and events philosophically.

Amidst the morning darkness, peace,
the beginning of a new day
after reading Shrimad Bhagavatam
I sit and think about life, and wonder:
“What if there was only one long day
for our whole life with no divisions
into hours, days, night, weeks, months, years—
how difficult this would be for us?
Each day or year is a new opportunity
a chance to begin anew
putting yesterday’s pain aside
being present in the “now”
full of possibilities for awakening
understanding a fulfilling purpose
introspection, meditation on God
spiritual awakening, helping others.

Even though we fight against time
while old age seems a cruel fate
there is wisdom in every part of life,
even in death, our greatest fear
we’re taught valuable lessons,
since our body is temporary
there must be some purpose in living,
pointing to a real life beyond matter.

Why do we naturally feel eternal?
non-existence doesn’t compute
matter seems such an imposition
we feel we should be free
doing as we please without limits
beyond the forces of nature
flying in the sky, staying underwater
with no disease, old age, or death.

Though science attempts this by force
trying to dominate matter by manipulation,
spiritual practices overcome material laws
by cooperation and celebration with God,
awakening the soul to its eternal purpose
loving service to Krishna, His devotees,
then each day doesn’t just diminish our life
but brings us closer to the Divine Couple
(Shri Shri Radha Krishna).

A New Day, A New Year, A New Life.

PAMHO AGTSP. I had been practicing KC for awhile, but have missed out on the association. I have started falling back into karmi life. Your article has made me look deeper into what is really important to me. Thank you. ys. Bhakta Roy