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Accepting our Shadow Self as a Divine Vehicle


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Seeing the Illusory Curtain
that creates separation
between souls and God,
enmity, physical attraction-repulsion
with you and I, and everyone
as Shakespeare rightly said:
we are all players on a stage
having many roles,
what begins must end.

Contemplating spiritual truth
learned from scripture/saints
confirmed in life’s classroom:
our body’s merely a garment
that we must transcend,
our actor’s roles and costumes—
which seem so important—
bring all our problems,
distracting and confounding us,
events are more than appearances
unknown causes from before birth
fructify by our current egoic reactions
perpetuate future perplexing lives
the soul wants freedom and bliss.

The above seems like old news
for students of Bhagavad Gita
the ABC’s of spiritual life
“we aren’t the body”
world of karmic rebirth
which we effortlessly preach,
yet often in our own lives
we are tested to apply it,
getting caught up in life
(keeping my wife in business)
relationship drama and upheavals
what is our occupation and calling?
lust, desires, anger, hankering,
insecurity about the future
wondering if Krishna really cares
about our pains and disappointments
our enemies and conflicts,
why we, or our family suffer.
The spiritual ABC’s
turn out to be very high,
requiring more than theory
as life’s trails are training ground:
beyond only reading the books
and teaching them to others
is applying them practically
when no one is looking—
especially around our karmic issues,
things that push our emotional buttons—
only our soul and Krishna
takes note of secret desires
(even hidden from ourselves
if we haven't learned self-honesty)
our bad habits and doubts
beyond our scripted profile
or Church (Temple) face
the naked Truth rules us
giving us the key to awakening!

Spiritual philosophy is meant
to be our foundation
strengthened and set, by practice
to build a temple of loving service,
not a façade or mask
to pretend we are pure,
something we are not
to feel good or impress—
we have to know where we are
seeing our strengths and weaknesses
to virtuously begin the soul’s journey
which requires not only self-honesty
but saintly company to show the way,
friendships with no pretenses.
This outpouring isn’t meant
to make you feel bad or guilty—
just a friendly reminder
that the spiritual journey
is a long one with many layers
requiring great determination,
patience, and positive expectancy,
faith in your divine potential
that Krishna is always helping,
both personally and through others
that if you can’t accept yourself
warts and all (our shadow self)
in honest, compassionate introspection
while knowing you are a pure soul
and striving to obtain
Krishna-prema (love),
then you will remain
your own worst enemy
remaining stuck in mediocrity
at war with yourself
or spinning your wheels
unable to embrace
who you are now
so you may discover
your human potential and skills
to use for spiritual possibilities.

Our upbringing and childhood
family, schooling and past
unforeseen or planed events,
persons who have come and gone,
everything we can remember
or are currently experiencing—
whether happy or sad—
all has happened or is happening
to help us turn to Krishna:
our task is to be educated
by scripture, saints, and prayer
looking to see how this is so,
beyond our human reasoning,
mental concepts of good and bad,
a spiritual, transcendental, loving truth
that whatever helps us turn to Krishna
is a blessing, and whatever doesn’t
is a great misfortune;
turning conventional “wisdom” on its head.
Try to imagine the soul’s perspective,
what you will be thinking at death
will not be your bank account, title,
degrees, possessions, or accolades:
success will be measured by spiritual progress
living a divine life of giving and service
the desire to join Krishna
in the joyous dance of life—
so let us practice this now
(encouraging one another)
taking steps daily and making a vow
to remain on the path forever
not remaining down despite a slip,
but continually rising in faith
with a resounding “Hare Krishna”,
“failure is the pillar of success”
and there is no failure
if you keep going—
Krishna helps those
who help themselves
and are willing to accept mercy.
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