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Words as a Bridge Between Our Hearts and Souls

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Those who have followed my blogs for some time know that I revisit the topic of writing frequently, perhaps too often! Yet I can’t resist, and I have to explain why, if you will permit me. This is part of my journey of self-discovery and giving, which I hope will encourage you to embark on your own. It isn’t that I feel I have to justify the time I take to write, as it is a labor of love, but I am continually amazed by the whole process of writing, and what it really means, as I try to express myself, and put who I am on the page, as it were. Transferring my energy to the page in some essential way is how I view writing—only I don’t know to what extent, or how this happens, but I know it does. There is value in this for anyone, but to my thinking, especially to the degree that I, or anyone, embodies bhakti, or love and service to Krishna.

I am writing and you will read it in the future; only time separates the meeting of the two. This is one way the present, past, and future can be the same. Amazing! We are two souls who are meeting through the Word, and there is benefit for both of us, ideally spiritually, though also as struggling and thoughtful human beings searching for love and meaning. I am also speaking, as I have often, of the power of intention.

Words are the only jewels I possess
Words are the only clothes I wear
Words are the only food that sustains my life
Words are the only wealth I distribute among people
Says Tuka, witness to the Word, He is God
I worship Him with my words
—Shri Tukarama (Indian saint)

I don’t see my attempt as just putting words on a page, but of doing my best to convey what may be beneficial to you, and me—essential truth—as we deal with our desires and karma in the shape of our body, mind, emotions, and intellect in pursuit of realizing our spiritual self, and that uncommonly sapphire blue cowherd, who has captured my attention and dedication with His enchanting, mysterious mystique, and unparalleled loveliness, amidst His equally endowed devotees. Thus I view my writing as service to my Gurus and Krishna, and to you. Even though I don’t only speak of Krishna’s pastimes, I try to relate my writing to the life of a spiritual practitioner. How was it possible that a materialistic California Dreamer could become obsessed to obtain the shelter of what most think is an Indian, or Hindu god? Not only that, but I am canvasing on His behalf, which is why Shri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu has come, being the most merciful incarnation for this age, giving us our life, breath, endeavor, friends and everything we hold dear. Imagine that? Fact is truly stranger than fiction!
Bridge to the Spiritual
I can’t say I am completely addicted to writing, as I often put it aside to attend to other pressing concerns, yet at times, like this morning, I feel impelled to write, as one might be moved to eat by hunger. Writing is thinking, but more like a type of dictation where I record what is spoken in my mind. Is it my effort alone—whatever our conditioned “my” is—by my covered soul communicating through an embodied identity? Whatever it is, we all have this voice within that we listen to, or argue with, even if we have never really thought about, or understood what it is.

We generally think this voice is “us”, but it can also be an adversarial relationship, if indeed it is a “relationship.” It can be a nagging voice, or one that criticizes us, or puffs us up with vain praise. You know your habitual self-talk. The Gita teaches us that mind can be our best friend or worst enemy. Yoga is meant to make it our friend by using it to concentrate on our soul’s interest and relationship with God. The more our consciousness is absorbed in transcendence, the more the mind and heart will reflect that, and the more our words will have potency to bless and instruct. This is why the writings of great souls and the words of Krishna in His Gita have such power. We can only hope to shine a candle on those writings, yet the effort more than worth our effort, and is our service.

Some may consider someone self-indulgent if they thought the writer was only saying whatever came to mind, without reasoning about it. If a writer is seen to only be flexing their ego, would any care to read it, unless they were famous for real, or dubious, reasons? Or would it have any value other than to make the writer think they are somebody, or that their thoughts are important simply because they are available to the public? In today’s Twitter culture many people want to share even their banally ordinary activities, as if their lives were a famous feature film.
Personally, although I will be the first to admit that I am not an awakened soul, I do have some experience on the spiritual path, and I give as much effort as I can to bhakti. I am inspired to write in my attempt to give support and encouragement to spiritual seekers, and especially to those who are devotees of Krishna, or are considering taking up the path. I share what has worked for me and others, as well as the wisdom of our gurus and predecessor teachers. I attempt to explore the basic existential questions of human beings: who am I? What life is meant for? What is death? Is there life after death? In addition to that, I share the special esoteric wisdom of our path of bhakti, or full-fledged theism.

To my best ability, I share the Vedic version through the bhakti lens, as well as supportive techniques from modern psychology and culture. We are seeing the intersecting of Eastern and Western cultures, which means adopting eternal spiritual principles according to the circumstances, times, and culture we find ourselves in. One of the questions for those devotees who share their spiritual journey, is how to make this revealed Vedic knowledge relevant and accessible? Thus I write, and pray for light. Be blessed and share you who are as you seek the spiritual--that has value.
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