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The Holy Name Carries our Life


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At our monthly “japathon”
six hour japa opportunity
sitting down with devotees
power of combined focus
like buzzing bees chanting
our primary spiritual practice
potential to go deeper
the beginning and end
recalling, calling to, Krishna;
alas! but I struggle
to rise above sluggishness
yet chanting keeps me
Krishna pushes me on.

O Guru/ Radhe, Krishna
allow me to become
a real devotee servant—
forgive me, help me:
forgive my failings/faults
help me rise higher
spiritual wings to fly
my potential now realized
empower me to inspire
actions, speech, written words
my heart’s flame blazing
giving what I’ve received
keeping the energy flow.
Divine Love Radiating Center
love of God touchstone
praying to assist Mahaprabhu
in distributing prema fruits
like a spiritual gardener
deputed by Shri Chaitanya
mercy without any limits—
as we distribute it
more and more available
to accept, give blessings
becoming our eternal joy
fully sheltered, giving shelter.

A famous, learned devotee
dreamed his knowledge vanished
only Krishna prema remained:
the fruit of knowledge
is loving, serving Krishna
when Krishna is loved
all questions are answered
actions flow from that
spiritual arguments are given
our speech is concise
yet profound and powerful
Krishna acts through us
we overflow with bliss.
Panca Tattva
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare
fills up every corner
no space is empty
all vibrates peace/joy
an energy vortex created
individuals as a group
our hearts join together
separate rough edges rounded
unity by Krishna mantra
soul’s coming out party.
Japa yajna

The artistic talents here are

The artistic talents here are something that people of every faith can appreciate. Your dedication to this site is commendable and I hope that you will find more inspiration in the future.


Thanks for your comment, and hope for me Noah--I also pray to be always inspired in my pursuit of love for Krishna, and to be able to share that with others in a way that speaks to their heart. Although I write for those who are familiar or new to Krishna consciousness, I hope to do so in a way that will be accessible to those of all faiths who are broadminded, and willing to see that there is only one Supreme God who has unlimited manifestations. In my experience, it is rare for most religious people to have the depth of spiritual standing to see there is value in other religions or conceptions of God. Thus I appreciate your perspective. One can be convinced about their path, yet inspired by the faith and dedication of other in different religions or spiritual paths.

I will leave you with an expression of deep conviction about the holy name of Krishna (the subject of this poem) from one of our primary spiritual teachers from at the time of Shri Chaitanay, over 500 years ago:

"If the opulence or knowledge of many millions of universes were clustered together, they would hardly equal a small fragment of the glory of Krsna's holy name. Krsna's holy name is my life. It is the goal of my life. It is the means I will employ to attain the goal of my life." from an unknown author as quoted in Shrila Rupa Goswami's Padyavali vs 23

Some Glories of the Holy Name

"O reservoir of all good qualities, just worship Sri Krsna, the purifier of all purifiers, the most exalted of the personalities worshiped by choice poetry. Worship Him with a faithful, unflinching mind, without duplicity and in a highly elevated manner. Thus worship the Lord, whose name is like the sun, for just as a slight appearance of the sun dissipates the darkness of night, so a slight appearance of the holy name of Krsna can drive away all the darkness of ignorance that arises in the heart due to greatly sinful activities performed in previous lives." A verse from Rupa Goswami's BRS spoken by Haridas Thakur in Cc Antya 3.62

"Let the twice-born enter the fearless kingdom of yoga, Vedic study, and solitary meditation in the forest. Let them become liberated in that way. As for us, we will spend hundreds of thousands of births chanting the holy name of Lord Krsna, whose splendid dark complexion and yellow garments are like a host of blue lotus flowers blooming in a grove of yellow-flower-bearing kadamba trees." Sri Isvara Puri as quoted in Rupa Goswami's Padyavali vs 18