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Top 10 Pages on


Celebrate's 10th Anniversary

In keeping with the theme of our 10-year anniversary articles, here is another top ten list of most popular pages based on views since June 2010.

1. Vrindavan Temple Live Video - 60,783 views.
2. Krishna's Avatars - 34,064.
3. Bhagavad-gita Audiobook - 31,911
4. 24-Hour Kirtan, New Vrindavan 2010 - 30,705
5. Hare Krishna Maha-mantra - 27,992
6. What is the purpose of life? - 26,843
7. Live - 18,457
8. The Qualities of Srimati Radharani - 16,036
9. Vancouver 12-Hour Kirtan - 15,455
10. Janmasthami Gallery - 13,643


11. Glossary - 13,347
12. Our Home Altars Gallery - 10,996
13. The Mind—Saving Yourself - 10,995
14. Bhagavad-gita Online version(s) - 10,953
15. Lord Balarama Visits Vrindavan - 10,715
16. BhaktiLife eCourses - 10,702
17. About Lord Nityananda - 10,387
18. Kurmakshetra - 10,354
19. Personally Speaking - 9,449
20. E-cards - 9,162
21. Community Art Gallery - 9,145
22. The eBook Club - 8,661
23. Krishna Art - 8,640
24. Audio - Lord Rama kills Ravana - 8,598
25. Games & Puzzles - 8,410
26. How to chant on beads - 8,306
27. Lord Sri Krishna - 8,058
28. Krishna - 8,026
29. Dharma in the Bhagavad-gita - 8,013
30. 24-Hour Kirtan, New Vrindavan 2009 - 7,900

Have fun clicking on these pages and exploring what everyone else is looking at (or listening to.) Does it ever make you wonder how things become popular? For example, we might casually post an article called "Personally Speaking" on the homepage, a lot of people click on it, it becomes popular. Then we feature it on this top ten list, and it becomes even more popular. Who knew we had a "Games & Puzzles" page, right? I didn't. (It's in the Children's section.) And for to have the articles "Lord Sri Krishna" and "Krishna" at positions 27 and 28 means something—what, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe that a lot of people already know who Krishna is. Or they want to be entertained first, by webcams, videos, galleries, audio, kirtan downloads, games and puzzles... and ask questions later.

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