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Simple Profound Truth

Karnamrita Das

(this blog is recorded on the full page: quick time player needed)
Sitting in the quite sun room
joyfully bright after dark days
clouds, rain, even a late frost
killing leaves or plants too tender;
afternoon fading sun, trees gently sway,
thinking of our sharing time together
trying to give you a good read
wanting to attract creative energy
the “Cita” or reservoir of wisdom
akin to Jung’s collective unconscious mind.

Yet I don’t have to fabricate
extraordinary stories, events, actions
I only have to observe and remember,
praying to uncover the veiled message
seeing nothing as ordinary or routine—
a frequent poem line, but true—
for you as well, practicing appreciation,
remembering the wonder of a child
we’re only bored due to our distraction
pumped up by modern culture’s passion.

Ever-increasing speed with no substance
spoiled by convenience for no good reason
except to complicate life and addict us
to anticipate the next improved gadget
yet feeling empty with no soul food
dulling the numbness with intoxication
things seem to change, yet remain the same
some complain in vain without an alternative
a few are blessed with a spiritual solution
an uplifting, lifetime goal, good for each moment.
Yesterday, a home Deity installation
Shri Jagannnath, Baladeva, Subhadra:
special forms of God and His energy
blessings us with devotional opportunities
calling the Lord to come by bathing Them
with constant Hare Krishna kirtana
sitting in the “homa”, or special fire ceremony,
calling God into the fire, creating auspiciousness
praying He burns up my sinful desires
blessing me to serve by writing.

Offering grains/seeds, my very soul
born yet again in the here and now
empowering me to give, love, and help
feeling grateful in blissful devotee company
simple, yet profound devotional activities
full of deep meaning and philosophy
yet powered by love and devotion
prayers to uncover our heart and soul
increasing my spiritual aspirations
understanding what’s truly essential.