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Women are like fire & men are like butter


nanv agniḥ pramadā nāma
ghṛta-kumbha-samaḥ pumān - Nārada Muni

Noted in Scientific American, a popular science magazine, was a scientific study that illustrated that men became significantly “Cognitively Impaired”, or so to say stupid, in the presence of a woman.  This study also very clearly illustrated something that I always thought the analogy of Narada Muni hints to. That women, like the fire, are unaffected by the butter.  See the short article here.  

Hey this is Anandini Anandini

Hey this is Anandini Anandini

Thank you, The word usage

Thank you, The word usage does not imply ghee being poured into the fire but rather just being near the fire. The scientific study, although not perfect unlike the Sastra, also really illustrates this point, that the women's cognitive abilities are unaffected.

Fire yajnas

Hare Krsna. I always enjoy reading your posts because of your deep insights.

Prabhu as our resident brahman I know you have done probably hundreds of fire yajna's expertly. It seems to me that when you pour the ghee over the flame that it fuels the fire so the fire gets bigger. So it seems like in Narada Muni's analogy that both the butter and the fire affect each other. The fire melts the butter and the butter fuels the fire.

Once again thank you for your enlightening insights.