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Prayer is Life

Karnamrita Das

(this blog is recorded on the full page: quick time player needed)
Absorbing ourself in worship
Prayer is my life
it always sustains me
through the day and night,
either in pain or joy
reverses or successes,
I go to bed with prayer,
awakening, I bow down
remembering my gurus
in gratitude for service
amazed at my good fortune.

I pray to offer my day
to beautiful, flower clad, Krishna,
folding my bedding with prayer
drinking Prasad (blessed) water
my necessities all provided
thus the body endures
the soul begins to flourish
each breathe, heartbeat, & step
continue only by mercy,
as everything is His grace & kindness.

Prayer reminds me
I’m always a servant
a tiny, covered spiritual spark,
but my ego inflates my smugness
forgetful of God for eons
and still I’m proud
of my feeble, religious attempt
at waking and rising up—
when selfishness rules me
I return to the holy name.
Bilvamangala Thakur
By prayer I remember Krishna
chanting and hearing His glories,
though stubborn, I’m still blessed
in spite of myself, I call out,
kind and generous Krishna smiles
as I share my life with Him,
I’m saved even by poor prayers
making thousands of attempts
some with heart, other officially
acknowledging Krishna’s love.

Daily intensified prayer
before Radha Krishna Deities
the core of my life
I sit before Them
petitioning through Hare Krishna
praying to be emptied out
freed from sensual demands,
ignorance, illusion, forgetfulness—
waking up to my true nature
cheering others to stay the course.
Lord, please accept me—
more, let me accept you
fully, completely, absolutely,
here and now, now and forever,
let offences past, present, or future
or whatever hinders my progress
toward taking full shelter of you
in loving service, let that be finished
replaced by the constant serving mood
making pure devotion my only food.

I’m Krishna’s eternal part
serving Him and all beings
giving myself by love’s power
yet aspiring for humility like grass
tolerance like the trees
giving respect, not wanting it
knowing I’m always dependent
on His grace and facility—
by prayer, I’m aware, of
my shortcoming, and the Goal.

A glimpse of His mercy revealed
as I plead to chant purely,
hearing one mantra at a time
until I’m totally, unconditionally His
by living, feeling, acting in surrender
being one with bhakti in love,
every day moving closer by prayer
to the blue cowherd, Krishna
the love and sustainer of my life,
a lasting friend like no other!