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Autumn Mornings


Its the middle of October here in England, and the leaves are changing from green to yellow, gold, red and brown. Temperatures are dropping and the skies are dull and overcast. It rains some days. Which all means we are well on our way to Winter. Flowers are also becoming scarce, but some are still available, as are brightly coloured berries.

One thing not in short supply seems to be Raspberries. We had a summer crop, and now its the turn of the late Autumn crop to appear. Strange to have an abundance of fruit in October, but here they are.

Here’s a picture of Narasimha this morning and the naivedyam offering of dried and fresh fruit.

Flower Offerings to Krishna

Hare Krishna and PAMHO!

Do you know if it is acceptable to not offer flowers due to inclement weather/scarcity of funds? Since I live in Northeastern America and the weather is getting quite cold, flowers are becoming hard to come by and I just can't afford 6USD per rose.

With Thanks:

As per BG 9.26 one can offer

As per BG 9.26 one can offer fruits, leaves and water besides flowers.

Hari Hari
ys Jan