Shri Chaitanya Continues to Give the Holy Name

Karnamrita Das

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43 years ago, from out of the blue
a radical change took over me
everything else fell away:
girlfriend, college, bad habits;
giving away my possessions
spiritual thirst became my life
ancient wisdom informed me
the forest my classroom study
my heart yearned for truth
my prayers to transcend the world
I thought, “I must become a monk”
Shri Chaitanya answered me
thru Prabhupada’s loving disciples
the holy name knocked at my heart
through tumultuous street (san)kirtana
inspiring me to follow their example
I began my journey with japa.

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Today, the mantra vibrates my voice
my hands move the beads
eyes look at the Deities
ears strain to hear Radha Krishna
moving me toward the goal
to uncover my spiritual heart
full concentration w/ no distractions
considering myself servant of His servants
evaporating the exploitive, selfish ego
experiencing Krishna as His name
the lila unfolds in my heart
serving, giving, absorbed in love
by chanting purely w/o offenses—
but alas, my unfortunate reality
even intermediate goals escape me
as I dive and surface in sleepiness
unable to sit and chant with taste.
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Still, the bhakti practices are noble
I always hope and pray for mercy
even my mediocre chanting saves me
keeping me in Krishna’s kindness orbit
bodily ailments temper my lust
showing matter’s real dark colors
time takes everything away
save spiritual practice and goals
however my life is shaken up
prema floats like oil on water
no effort toward Krishna is wasted
remaining on the path, success’s assured
as we live by grace in Krishna’s time
finally seeing no other saving shelter—
only love, service, Vaishnava company,
Deity worship, sharing the faith
the holy name holds everything together.
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Now it is your turn to shine
I pass the torch to you
Illuminating a new road ahead
the spiritual quest is all important
like a person with amnesia
you’ve forgotten who you are
a soul trapped in ignorance
birth after birth going nowhere
living in a fool’s paradise
but now you can move forward
understand who Krishna is
a worthy goal to strive for
the soul’s happy life revealed
live with saintly people
take up kirtana and japa
purification our life’s work
the maha-mantra carries us.
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