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Store: Holy Macaroni!


[I sent out an email to our office here at to thank and congratulate Ijya on his eleven year anniversary of working at Back to Godhead/ A few of our team thought it was a big enough mile marker to post online here so I am reposting our interoffice email here.]

A quick email to let you know about a big deal!!!

Tomorrow marks the 11 (OMG?) year anniversary of when Ijya started working at BTG/ March 8th, 2002, he started here in the office, mostly in the BTG subscriber services department (well, he was pretty much the whole subscriber services department). Then we launched an actual online store for, and he and I shared customer service responsibilities for that.

And then, we said "to heck with that" and brought the rest of the store down here from North Carolina. The Archives had been doing all of our order fulfillment and buying most of our goods for us, but we knew if we wanted to grow bigger, we would need everything in one place. So Ijya drove a big truck up there and brought everything down to our warehouse. Mind you, the warehouse was only that first one of three warehouse buildings out there.

Even back in those days, Ijya had a desk inside the mobile home and had to go out to the warehouse to pick and pack orders, and to stock the warehouse. Eventually he moved his desk and computer out to the warehouse, we got him an assistant, and then Jivi moved in out there too. Despite our cramped space, you know how tidy and economical the warehouse is kept. Even when we had stuff stacked to the rafters, Ijya kept it all organized.

We don't see him all that much because he works out in the warehouse all the time (and I do mean ALL the time! He comes in way too early in the morning and on weekends sometimes!), so it's sometimes easy to lose connection with this vital part of the store. But some of you know how great it is when 'uncle' Ijya saves your butt from a shipping problem or something like that.

Right now Ijya is the master of the warehouse and shipping, but he has a hand in so much more. Those of you that interact with him daily know how important he is to what BTG/ does, but some of you don't get to see him in action. You can wander out to the warehouse for a chat as long as he's not busy, or shoot him an email.

I speak only for myself here, but I'd like to thank Ijya for his long and dedicated service to BTG/ Even during the difficult times, his ultimate goal to Srila Prabhupada has kept him steady. But most important to me is his genuine interest in helping people - especially his family, friends and co-workers - and also his ability to keep a sense of humor about things.

And on behalf of BTG/ I can say without a doubt, that without Ijya on board for all of these long years, we would not be here. Period. It's true.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. And congrats on such a long stint at the ever-changing and always exciting BTG/ office!