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The Rama Green of Spring Inspires

Karnamrita Das

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Lord Rama

Krishna is Flower Bearing Spring
an easy time for reflection
encouraged by saintly company,
both are heart opening
by accepting the spiritual goal—
not officially, but determinedly—
then the world changes toward us
everyone becomes our teacher
no situation is unfavorable
as informed by scriptural study
taught by spiritual adepts
we keep fixed in practice
regardless of our work.

In the gardening planting flowers
hands & knees on the moist Earth
biological "grounding" created
attunes me to country living
strengthened by spiritual practice
in the world, but not of it—
I'm present in my body
focused on my heart and soul
innate talents are activated:
natural software and hardware
fostering sensitivity/awareness,
insightful hearing, feeling, sensing
appreciating our divine potential
instead of remaining repressed
or out of touch with life lessons
merely sensually distracted.

Overcast skies augment Nature's colors
increasing spring green’s iridescence
bringing my thoughts to Lord Rama
inspiring me on his appearance day
appreciating Nature’s beauty as he did
when banished to the forest,
Sita and Lakshman his loyal family
together created a forest festival
teaching us to seek the positive
making the best of all difficulties--
though discouraged, never giving up
seeking the goal till we find it
adopting the seeker’s quest
making it our highest ideal
practicing bhakti in love
for Krishna, gurus, the Vaishnavas
so we find our way home.

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