Sadhu Sanga Notes–Realizations of Senior Vaisnavas

Dhanudhara Swami - 10 sentences about Sadhu Sanga

Nityananda Prabhu - liberate the 3 worlds, ABCDE,

Gaura Sakti - anarthas dissolving,

Mother Chandravali - amazing, I thought I had to go to India.

Braja Mandala Priya - only shelter, holy name,

Purushartha Prabhu - the bass player - saintly persons all leading kirtan, book distribution. Now a new wave, hours and hours of kirtan festivals.

Sudevi Sundari - my husbands name sake.  Thanking all the helpers. Thanking Indradyumna Swami.

Mother Kosa Rupa - last year I thought that this was the best festival. This weekend was especially wonderful, I got to meet so many wonderful devotees, new devotees will chant all the way Back to Godhead.

Edhaniaswabhava - giving thanks

Devarsi - no anxiety, just come and chant.

Syamala Kisori - so many great devotees helped us to focus on the only name.

Lila suka - top most favorite gathering, even though I am from Alachua

Nityānanda Chandra Dās - dreams of Krishna

Kapil Patel - reflecting on Kirtans, this helped me chant deeper.

Lalita Madhavi - thank Maharaja and others

Sundara - cry out to the Holy Name,

Mother Guru Bhakti - so much better than last year. New people were blown away. What people are looking for.

List of thanks.




VIS Very Important Sadhus hospitality

Child care


Deity Sevaka

Clean up crew

Flight arrangement

CYJ Helpers


Indradyumna Swami - thanks Caturatma.

My heart of hearts is bringing Krishna to the public.  I haven't been to a temple in months due travel festivals.  But I feel that this festival is like a reward.