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Dear prabhu or matha,
How god looks like? Is statue represents the god or the statue it self is god? Because hinduism said statue is just a medium. Pls clarify.

Dear Mon, the diety (statue)

Dear Mon, the diety (statue) is made out of matter. But matter is simply a transformation of the Lord's energy.
If one makes a material form according the scriptural descriptions of the Lord, worships Him with love and the proper procedures, the Lord will then turn that matter into spirit and personally accept the offerings of Lord.

Just as an electrical engineer can build an electric stove or an electric refrigerator, all with the same energy, God, Krishna can easily turn matter into spirit.

the Absolute Truth

the Absolute Truth encompasses all things, including the material. Lord Sri KRSNA provides you with a deity just as He provides you with the air in your lungs. the air is essential to your living, as your deities are to a temple, but the air is not you.



Thanks prabhu.

So it is not statue base or any form of definate material to praise god. God is something beyond that. Because alot of devoties here having some misunderstanding on goddess form. They claim that god has human look. Pls confirm that so that i can share your toughts and advice with my fellow friends. .

We have a human form because

We have a human form because we come from God. God cannot give that which He does not have. God is not lacking anything, therefore God is not lacking form.

actually, the human form

actually, the human form depicts our, the conditioned souls', entanglement with the material modes of nature due to our desire to lord over material nature.

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janmadyasya yatah, Krishna,

janmadyasya yatah, Krishna, God is the source of everything. Therefore Krishna is the original form. This the what Bhagavad Gita and the other Vedic literature teaches.

"hello, i'm a doorbell. i

"hello, i'm a doorbell. i have doorbell form because i come from Lord Sri KRSNA..."

also, if you get a chance,

also, if you get a chance, have your friends join with us!


you are very welcome. many

you are very welcome. many thanks to you for your questions :)

statues have their place, and the point of deity worship is to focus your eyes, mind, intelligence, false ego, body and activities on a form that is wonderful, appealing, engaging, enlightening, and full in all opulences.

the statues represent Lord Sri KRSNA the same a photograph represents yourself.

Lord Sri KRSNA has unlimited, infinite! forms, but in the same manner we, as humans, would best relate to ants by assuming their shape and form, so Lord Sri KRSNA appears to us in a limited form. that is all. He can choose to appear as anything He likes, as is stated here:


Dear Srila, The statue or

Dear Srila, The statue or Deity does not represent Krishna, According to Bhagavat philosophy the Deity IS Krishna. Therefore the example of a photograph is incorrect.

the camera transforms

the camera transforms material energy into a transcendental relationship. . . .

"the camera transforms

"the camera transforms material energy into a transcendental relationship. . . ." Where in sastra or guru do you find this understanding? Or is it your own idea?


Thanks alot.....i will share this with my friends who. Thanks hare krishna.....

no problem. i'm also gonna

no problem.

i'm also gonna start doing a weekly, maybe daily, Bhagavad-Gita As It Is thing in the forums. feel free to drop a line, say something, or ask any other questions you might have! jaya jaya

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