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Darshan Room Kirtan Anniversary Party


Last Wednesday we celebrated our anniversary of The Darshan Room

What is The Darshan Room you ask?  The Darshan Room is weekly event that taps into the giving newcomers the essence of the Krishna Consciousness experience.  Uplifting kirtan, dynamic discussions, and an absolutely amazing vegetarian feast. 

Many similar venues have been developed throughout the US such as Krishna Lounge in San Diego, Krishna House in Denver, and the traveling Pilgrim’s Lounge in Oakland.

We had a wonderful class given by Nityananda Prabhu our temple president and rousing kirtans by Kalindi Patel.

Everyone had a wonderful time. Here are some responses. 

“I had such a beautiful night yesterday. Thank you for everything.”

“Hare Krishna brother, much love to you and thank you for awesome gathering at the darshan room last evening! so much blessings”

“Having the best celebration of my life!”

“Man the Wednesday program was awesome!!!! nice to see Reivin Alexandria after a LONG time ”

“I enjoyed it, as always Smile


Hare Krishna!!!