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Just Because


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Just because something is
doesn't mean it should be.

Just because a poem is written
doesn’t mean it’s good.

Just because I have a manuscript
doesn’t mean it should be published.

Just because I don’t like a universal law
doesn’t mean it isn’t good, or I can break it.

Just because I own something
doesn’t mean I should keep it.

Just because it’s a cool techno gadget
doesn’t mean I need to buy it.

Just because I want to be humble
doesn’t mean I don’t need appreciation.

Just because I have a thought
doesn’t mean it is, or isn’t, useful.

Just because I become infatuated
doesn’t mean I should act.

Just because I have a feeling
doesn’t mean it has to define me.

Just because I had a painful childhood
doesn’t mean I can’t rise above it.

Just because I have a habit
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t change.

Just because changing is difficult
doesn’t mean it isn’t worth trying.

Just because I don’t believe in myself
doesn’t mean I can’t, or shouldn’t.

Just because a goal seems lofty
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t endeavor.

Just because its’ always been done that way
doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be done differently.

Just because I can’t see a way
doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

Just because I’m a “night person”
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t rise earlier.

Just because spiritual practice seems inconvenient
doesn’t mean it isn’t important for my soul.

Just because I have material desires
doesn’t mean I can’t make spiritual advancement.

Just because my heart seems like stone
doesn’t mean Krishna’s holy name can’t melt it!

Just because the Deity appears silent
doesn’t mean He doesn’t care and notice.

Just because my prayers aren’t answered
doesn’t mean praying isn’t good for me.

Just because I don’t know the answer
doesn’t mean there isn't someone who does.

Just because doing the right thing isn’t popular
doesn’t mean it’s not worth doing.

Just because watching TV is entertaining
doesn’t mean it’s a valuable use of time.

Just because my room is always messy
doesn’t mean cleaning it isn’t helpful.

Just because someone else is neglectful
doesn’t mean I should be.

Just because I see a fault in another
doesn’t mean I am better.

Just because I notice someone’s shortcomings
doesn’t mean I don’t have at least the potential for it.

Just because someone has blind spots
doesn’t mean they aren’t worthy of respect.

Just because I can do something easily
doesn’t mean it will be easy for another.

Just because I think in a certain way
doesn’t mean others are wrong who don’t.

Just because my kindness isn’t returned
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be kind.

Just because my gift isn’t noticed
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be charitable.

Just because my love isn’t understood
doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be loving.

Just because there is more to say
doesn't mean more should be said.

Just because I have written this list
doesn’t mean the list is finished.
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