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Receiving Nature’s Aesthetic and Wisdom

Karnamrita Das

Clouds galore photo DSCN6705_zpse0nzw0hl.jpg
Amidst serene and scenic beauty
an island house getaway
observing vistas three stories high
visible water on two sides
crashing waves and calm waters

salt scented wind forever blows
the all-powerful sun runs the show
floating unimaginable tons of water
as easily as we breathe and sigh
artistically decorating the vast sky
by billowy, multi-colored, cotton balls
shapeshifting by the mind's desires
 photo FSCN6695_zpswyjukokk.jpg
that amaze and delight my imagination
fostering creativity and contemplation
O, the wonder of being alive and aware
having the time to be, and simply stare
without distractions or appointments
only the constant Nature forces
ubiquitous—ha!— yet so profound
often missed with our busy-ness
here or there—going somewhere
but not arriving at our true longing.
Sunset 2 photo FSCN6675_zpsz6rdota8.jpg photo DSCN6652_zpsonqh1dun.jpg