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Radha-Damodara Karttika lila


atha sri-radha-damodara-puja-vidhih
padme tatraiva
tatah priyatama vishno
radhika gopikasu ca
karttike pujaniya ca

The Way to Worship Sri Sri Radha-Damodara
In the Padma Purana it is said: "Because She is the gopi most dear to Lord
Vishnu, Sri Radha should be worshiped along with Lord Damodara during the
month of Karttika. (HBV 16.195)

sanketavasare cyute pranayatah samsaj jaya radhaya
prarabhya bhrukuti hiranya-rasana damna nibaddhodaram
kartikyam janani-krtotsava-vare prastavana purvakam
catani prathayantam atma-pulakam dhyayema damodaram

In the Bhavisya-Purana, Uttara Khanda, it is said, "One day on the full moon
night of Kartika, Krsna arrives too late at the place where He was supposed
to meet Radha. Angry Radha frowns Her eyebrows and binds Him with a girdle
with golden ropes. Then Krsna cleverly tells Her that He was late because He
attended His mother's autumn festival. At this, Radha is pleased and unbinds
Him. Let us meditate on this ecstatically horripilating Damodara." (This is
the explanation of the name Damodara in Madhura-rasa-upasana.)