Karnamrita Das

Sometimes, in spite of our best efforts
we’re just stuck in our old patterns.
Even we say we don’t like them
but they’re habitual, a natural groove—
such a strange aspect of life
how we empower our personal rut
while screaming our whine against it!

The essence of trying to go forward
is that change doesn’t come easy
unless we make a total commitment
and there is more pain in stagnation
then in changing for the better—
we do more to avoid pain
than to experience happiness.

Human beings are weird because
we enshrine our faults and limits
thinking our darkness defines us.
The only way to rise above it
is to summon our soul power
because that is where our strength is
since our body and mind limit us!

Even when we’re convinced about soul and God
our physical conditioning is so sticky strong
with our patterns and desires like industrial fly paper
forcing us to look down and not within or up
as we chase after the carrot of future enjoyment.
Though the present is always da same old stuff
we still follow the familiar paper trail to the dustpan.

Thinking we’re just our physicality, for me,
is a recipe for mediocrity and depression,
since there is no purpose except to exist
dragging on and trying to postpone our death.
Though some would argue that Godless is fine
that has no meaning, simply misery, worse than death.
I’ve always known I was eternal, and I live with that.

Now almost 50 years on the spiritual road
I no longer think divine ascent is like a rocket—
more like a slow boat to China, but it’s still progress.
Even in my stuck patterns and weakness, I still move,
I feel hopeful and generally happy, and I pray intensely
along with the bhakti processes which give meaning.
Each day gives another chance—let us rise up today!