Just Surrender (Thoughts On Chanting Japa)

Because we are in a conditioned state of existence we have no real desire to surrender to Krishna. In the same way, we have no real desire to surrender to the Holy Name while we are chanting Japa.

We fight and struggle with chanting in our efforts to surrender to Krishna, to surrender to His Holy Name.

You Meet The Nicest People.....

While going through my email this morning I found the most beautiful letter from someone and it reminded me of this simple basic fact:

You meet the nicest people around Krishna.

This gentleman was someone that my husband and I became acquainted with during a devotional service project we were engaged in. I didn't really know him all that well, but he seemed like a nice person.

Determination (Thoughts On Chanting Japa)

It takes a lot of determination for devotees to chant daily rounds of japa on their beads.
Some of us are just at the point where we are beginning to think about getting some japa beads, and starting to see about chanting rounds.
Some of us have beads, and we are maybe chanting a round or two.
Some devotees are committed to chanting a certain amount of rounds every day.
Others are chanting 16 rounds every day, and still others are working on improving those 16 rounds so they are the very best quality of japa.
All of this takes a lot of determination.

Making Our Lives A Devotional Tapestry

Recently, I have been teaching myself to do needlepoint tapestries. My goal is to one day make these as pictures of Krishna and His various pastimes. In the meantime, however, because I am teaching myself, I have to do whatever projects I can manage.
Anyone who knows needlework, knows that any type takes a lot of patience.

Purification From Chanting

Recently one of the talks I gave in The Japa Room was about the purification process of chanting the Maha Mantra.
I am sharing one of the quotes I used here for anyone who is not able to come to The Japa Room.

Looking For Solutions In All The Wrong Places

Everybody wants a solution to some problem they have. We are all looking for solutions to this difficulty or that difficulty.
Since the material world is full of all kinds of difficulties, there is no end to this search for solutions.
It's fine to want to find solutions to problems that make it hard for us to advance in spiritual life, but sometimes we can get so caught up in the various possible "solutions" that we lose track of the real purpose, namely making spiritual advancement.

I sure hope you're alright cause you don't sound like you are....

When my niece was 14 years old (she's a much more mature 15 now :) we got into an argument about something she was doing that was bothering me.
I told her so, and I really was not as nice about it as I usually am, since it involved something that was very important to me, and I wanted to be firm.
So, of course she was really upset, because she had never heard me talk that way to her (or anyone else).
So, she said to me:

"I sure hope you're alright cause you don't sound like you are!"

Just Relax

People are too hung up on this concept of "keeping everything relaxed" and "keeping everyone happy"
Sometimes people need a little dose of MEDICINE and it's not always pleasant.
No normal Doctor you go to will tell you "yes, I will cure your disease, and I will make certain you will feel very comfortable during the entire surgery and you will always feel and think I am really nice and friendly, and nothing will ever make you feel offended".

Win The Battle, Lose The War

I love sayings like this, there is always so much truth in these old sayings, that's why they keep beings said for hundreds of years, by all different cultures, in various ways.
This particular saying is one of my favorites.
It refers to the concept of getting so involved in "winning" a particular argument, or being right in a particular situation, that even though we may accomplish "winning" that particular time, in essence, winning that time may be the very thing that causes us to "Lose The War".


This is a something I wrote for my own personal blog, I'm just re-copying it here. So, where I say "I say here in my profile" I don't mean my profile here on Connect, I am referring to my profile there.

I say here in my profile that I am interested in serious Krsna consciousness. What that means to me is knowing where you're heading and doing everything possible to get there.

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