Fatalism And Destiny

As devotees we do a lot of accepting of things. We accept the will of Krishna, we accept adversities as opportunities for advancement. We accept a certain amount of chastisement and difficulty from our fellow devotees because we realize that we are always in need of improvement.
There are a lot of other things we accept in our lives in this way.

Sometimes these kinds of acceptances can be carried to an extreme.
We are not fatalists. Fatalism means there is no free will. Fatalism means that nothing can ever be changed.

Open Your Heart (Thoughts on Chanting Japa)

Every one of us has a propensity to love. It is the very nature of the soul. The soul loves Krishna.

In the conditioned state of existence, this loving propensity is misguided, misdirected, misunderstood and misused. The heart has become hardened, do to contact with the material energy, and our own desire to be separate from Krishna.

In this age of Kali Yuga, the process of reawakening this natural dormant love of God, that the soul feels, is chanting the holy names. The holy name cleanses the heart, and opens it. This chanting is the process.

I was just thinking this morning how much we all owe to the devotees who are responsible for us having

It's an incredible project, an amazing website. There is so much work that goes into something like this. All these people have lives, just like ours, they work, they have families, they have commitments.

Still, every day, they spend time and energy and money doing all the things that need to be done to keep this website going, to keep adding to it, to make it a wonderful place for all of us to come to and get all sorts of things we need for Krishna consciousness.

The Adventures of a Traveling Monk: When Adversity becomes Blissful Opportunity

IS bliss in kirtanaThe life of a dedicated monk engaged in outreach may seem very austere to people or even devotees when it is understood that there is often no “personal time” or little opportunity to savior the beauty of Krishna’s creation, or even take proper rest.

Sing Like You Mean It

I saw a movie one time that was the life story of the great American singer, Johnny Cash. Almost everyone knows who Johnny Cash is because he is so famous. Johnny Cash (1932-2003) is considered to be one of the most influential American musicians of the 20th century.

This movie about his life told the story of the event that occurred that changed him from being just another mediocre gospel singer, one of thousands, into the legend that he became.


The only thing that ever actually belongs to any of us is our free will.

Free will means making choices. We always have choices about everything.

We chose what we do, what we think, how we spend out time, who we spend our time with. We chose what things to put our energy into, and what things are a waste of our time.

All of our lives are these constant choices.

Sometimes people get into a state of mind where they forget that they are constantly making choices. They say "well, I had no choice" .... usually followed by "therefore I had to" .... such and such.

Just Surrender (Thoughts On Chanting Japa)

Because we are in a conditioned state of existence we have no real desire to surrender to Krishna. In the same way, we have no real desire to surrender to the Holy Name while we are chanting Japa.

We fight and struggle with chanting in our efforts to surrender to Krishna, to surrender to His Holy Name.

You Meet The Nicest People.....

While going through my email this morning I found the most beautiful letter from someone and it reminded me of this simple basic fact:

You meet the nicest people around Krishna.

This gentleman was someone that my husband and I became acquainted with during a devotional service project we were engaged in. I didn't really know him all that well, but he seemed like a nice person.

Determination (Thoughts On Chanting Japa)

It takes a lot of determination for devotees to chant daily rounds of japa on their beads.
Some of us are just at the point where we are beginning to think about getting some japa beads, and starting to see about chanting rounds.
Some of us have beads, and we are maybe chanting a round or two.
Some devotees are committed to chanting a certain amount of rounds every day.
Others are chanting 16 rounds every day, and still others are working on improving those 16 rounds so they are the very best quality of japa.
All of this takes a lot of determination.

Making Our Lives A Devotional Tapestry

Recently, I have been teaching myself to do needlepoint tapestries. My goal is to one day make these as pictures of Krishna and His various pastimes. In the meantime, however, because I am teaching myself, I have to do whatever projects I can manage.
Anyone who knows needlework, knows that any type takes a lot of patience.

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